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Mysteries of the Hyborian Age

by Dale Rippke

REHupan Dale Rippke has written a series of fascinating articles regarding the details Howard buried into the Hyborian tales of Conan and and the Atlantean stories of Kull:

These articles and many more can be found at Dale's Heroes Dark of Fantasy website.


Mysteries of the Pre-Cataclysmic Age

A look at some little known facts about the Thurian Age world of King Kull.


The Mystery of the Great Cataclysm

Wherein we investigate several possible disasters that ended the Thurian Age world of King Kull.


Mysteries of the Cataclysmic Age

After the Great Cataclysm leveled the Thurian Age world, small groups of people struggled for survival.


The Mystery of Pre-Human Stygia

Do you believe that the Serpent-people were the ancestors of the Stygian nation? This essay will quickly disabuse you of that notion!


The First Great Migration

Seeking escape from certain annihilation, a rag-tag group of refugees took on the most powerful nation in the world. And won!


The Coming of the Hyborians

In the Far North arose a race that gave name to a world age. The Second Great Migration had begun!


The Mystery of BÍlit

A speculative look at the wildest she-devil unhanged - and Conan's first great love.



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