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2001 Howard News

12-28-2001    New essay on REH and racism.

06-04-2001    New Wandering Star BRAN MAK MORN book released.

06-03-2001    The Dark Man Issue #5 Released.

05-06-2001    New DARK VALLEY DESTINY evaluation online.

04-27-2001    Conan Chronicles Volume II Released.

04-26-2001    Ed Waterman's BARBARIAN KEEP website Updated.

04-25-2001    "interesting" defense of de Camp printed in Weird Tales.

04-23-2001    REH-Days 2001 Information Announced.

03-28-2001    New "Robert E. Howard Electronic APA" Online.

03-06-2001    New DARK MAN Subscription Information and Issue Contents posted.

03-03-2001    New reviews of two REH biographies online.

02-27-2001    Bran Mak Morn book update.

02-21-2001    Stan Lee Media Bankrupt; Conan Rights Revert To CPI.

02-14-2001    Major Update for WANDERING STAR Website.

02-13-2001    ENDURANT BOOK DISTRIBUTION Now Online.

01-22-2001    Howard critic Don Herron's writings now online.

01-21-2001    James Van Hise's book on Howard back in print.

01-05-2001    Article about Howard's opinions about writing now online.


New essay on REH and racism

REHupan Gary Romeo has written an intriguing essay about Howard and racism.  Gary first discusses why he thinks Howard must realistically be considered an unabashed racist, and then examines what effect such a reality would have on any modern appreciation of Howard's writings.  

Gary is responding to recent claims that Howard's racism was either nonexistent or matters little when compared to the racist time and world he lived in.  Regardless of where one falls on this sharply divided issue, Gary makes a good case for his opinions.  As a result, his essay should be considered essential reading for anyone interested in this hot-button issue.

Southern Discomfort: Was Howard a Racist?

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New Wandering Star BRAN MAK MORN book released

After several years of meticulous work, the long-awaited book BRAN MAK MORN: The Last King has finally been published by Wandering Star. It is the third book in Wandering Star's amazing Robert E. Howard Library of Classics, a series that combines the fiction of Howard with a jaw-dropping presentation that brings back memories of the deluxe illustrated classics of the turn of the last century.

This book is destined to become an extremely valuable collectible just as Wandering Star's previous books have, so unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars for a copy a few years from now, you better buy them while they last.

The best place to purchase the book is Endurant Book Distribution, the official Wandering Star distributor in North America, run by REHupan David Burton. When you order from Endurant you receive discounts and/or special offers that are not available from any other distributor. See their website for details.

For more information about the Bran book and Wandering Star's Robert E. Howard Library of Classics, check out their website.

Wandering Star

Endurant Book Distribution

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The Dark Man Issue #5 Released

REHupan Frank Coffman has released the first issue of the reborn DARK MAN Journal of REH studies. It is a semi-annual publication bringing the latest essays and scholarly thought on Howard to the public, and it should not be missed by anyone interested in Howard and his work. For information on subscribing to the journal, go to the official DARK MAN website.

The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies

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New DARK VALLEY DESTINY evaluation online

REHupan Gary Romeo has written a detailed article that reexamines the only full-length biography of Robert E. Howard printed to date, the controversial book Dark Valley Destiny by the late L. Sprague de Camp. Much has been written about this polarizing book which some see as a valuable resource while others consider it hopelessly riddled with errors and a negatively biased point of view. Gary gives the book a fair examination and does much to update the status of the various long-running arguments regarding this book.

Revisiting Dark Valley Destiny

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Conan Chronicles Volume II Released

Orion Press in England has finally released the second volume of Conan stories in their Fantasy Masterworks series. The book is subtitled "The Hour of the Dragon" and along with the first book "People of the Black Circle" they collect all of Howard's original Conan stories in one set for the first time.

While the texts are not anywhere near pure (both books have typos galore and contain stories scanned from substandard source texts) the books are an easy way for the Howard fan to read all of Howard's Conan stories in one place. Most fans will want to get the textually pure and lavishly illustrated Wandering Star Conan books when they are released, but until then these UK editions make for convenient reading copies.

In order to get one you have to order from Amazon UK.

For detailed information on what sources were used for this book, visit Ed Waterman's Conan Chronicles Pages at The Barbarian Keep. You will also find an interview there with Stephen Jones, editor of these books.

Buy Conan Chronicles II

The Barbarian Keep

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Ed Waterman's BARBARIAN KEEP website Updated

REHupan Ed Waterman has updated his Barbarian Keep website, adding several new items of interest.

First is a new review of the Cross Plains Comics release Worms of the Earth, a book that is by far the best thing ever to come out of CPC. Ed also has updated information concerning the textual purity (or lack thereof) of the Conan Chronicles books currently in print from Orion Press. Finally, Ed has posted an updated listing of all the Howard books currently in print (there are more than you may think).

In addition, Ed has reorganized his menus and links in a way that noticeably improves navigation through his site. Ed Waterman has the best Howard site on the Internet hands-down, so go on over and check it out.

The Barbarian Keep

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"interesting" defense of de Camp printed in Weird Tales

Darrell Schweitzer and George Scithers, the current editors of the magazine Weird Tales, have recently published a Howard-related article in the current issue that has brought up several points of interest to the Howard fan. Specifically, it is an attempt by de Camp's friends to defend their recently departed mentor while simultaneously trying to bash those who over the years have managed to discredit de Camp's work in Howardia. This article has generated quite a bit of discussion at REH Inner Circle, and anyone wishing to read a wide array of opinions concerning the article should join the list and read the archives.

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REH-Days 2001 Information Announced

Project Pride, the organization in Cross Plains that runs the annual Robert E. Howard Days Festival, has mailed out the official schedule for REH-Days 2001.  Here is that schedule, along with some additional information added by myself.

The annual Robert E. Howard Days will be held this year on Friday and Saturday, June 8th and 9th, 2001.  Pre-registration is necessary for the Friday Dinner Banquet and the Saturday Luncheon, so first read all of this information carefully, then mail in your registration information.


The Howard House is located at 625 W. 4th Street (AKA Highway 36 where it meets Coffman street), Cross Plains, TX 76443).  It will be open all day on both Friday and Saturday from 10am-4pm.  There will be constant tours of the Howard House conducted by Project Pride (it is now a museum and official historic landmark), various souvenirs and mementos will be available to purchase, and a nice new pavilion has been built outside where you can talk and mingle with other guests and with Cross Plains residents.  

When you first arrive it is recommended that you register at the front porch, where you will receive a nametag and other useful materials.  There will also be a guestbook for you to sign your name and city of origin in, and they will use this information to introduce you at the banquet on Friday night.  There are bathrooms and a full kitchen in the Pavilion for those who need them.  Last year there was free punch served throughout the day, so perhaps they will do that again (it was absolutely terrific last year).

Several restaurants are located close by:

Jean's Feed Barn: (349 West Highway 36

Jack's Place:  (416 West Highway 36, Cross Plains TX 76443).  Another possibility for breakfast.

Dairy Queen:  (Highway 279 & 36

Subway Sandwiches:  (416 South Main Street, Cross Plains  TX 76443)

The FRIDAY Schedule of Events is as follows: 

8 AM - 4:30 PM:  Postal cancellation at the Post Office. At any time during the day you may bring postcards or mail to the post office, where upon request it will be stamped with an official Robert E. Howard design and artwork before being mailed.  This is a great way to create a souvenir of the weekend for yourself, or to mail one to a friend. 

10 AM - 4 PM: Howard House open for tours, starting at the front door. 

1 PM-5 PM:  The Cross Plains Public Library (149 N. Main Street, Cross Plains TX 76443) will be open for the purpose of viewing their Howard collection.  The Library has an extensive collection of original Howard typescripts, rare Howard books, and old Weird Tales magazines all available to peruse.  Many Howard fans make it a point to bring any extra Howard books they have to Cross Plains and donate them to the library.  Cross Plains is such a small town that it is really lucky to have a library at all.  The library is well-kept and very nice, but it is small and they can always use all the help they can get.  So if you have some extra Howard books, please consider donating them to the library.     

1:30 PM:  Walking tour of Howard's Cross Plains, lead by Rusty and Jack Baum.  Rusty Burke is a REHupan and Howard scholar, while Jack Baum is the current owner of Robert E. Howard Properties.  Together they will walk you through the town and show you many places where Howard lived, worked, and wrote about.  The icehouse where he used to box, the homes of his friends, the businesses he worked at...all will be shown and described in detail.  Between Rusty's scholarship and Jack's first-hand experiences (Jack grew up in Cross Plains) it should be a fun and informative tour.  Judging from last year, it will likely last an hour or so.  You need no reservation to take the tour, just meet Rusty and Jack in the Pavilion outside the Howard House at 1:30pm.

Although it isn't listed as an official event this year, many people use part of the afternoon to go to Brownwood to visit Howard's Gravesite.  Howard is buried in Greenleaf Cemetery (located on Brady Highway, right off Highway 377 in Brownwood TX, 76801).  This is about a 1/2hr drive south of Cross Plains, so many people go to Brownwood, eat lunch there, then visit the grave in the same trip.  Usually they take the Cross Plains Walking Tour on one afternoon, then visit the grave on the other afternoon.  Some people also use Thursday or Sunday to do this.  The cemetery is right off Highway 377, it is hard to miss.  There is a historical marker by the grave, and anyone going to REH-Days is encouraged to make time to go there and pay their respects.  There is a website on the Internet called FIND-A-GRAVE which has information and directions to Howard's gravesite.

7PM:  There is a Friday Night Banquet which is held at the Cross Plains Community Center (located at 701 E. 8th street).  To attend this event you must have pre-registered through the mail (see below for information on pre-registering).  To tell you the truth, the food was pretty bad there last year, so you may want to fill up somewhere else before coming.  The banquet is not to be missed, however, because after dinner REHupan Charles Gramlich will be the Guest Speaker, speaking about Robert E. Howard. Usually the Baums will speak about the current state of Howard publishing as well.

After the banquet, the night is far from over.  Many people generally go back to the Howard House to sit with other Howard fans and talk into the wee hours of the morning.  Generally they meet in front of the 36 West Motel (501 West 4th Street aka West Highway 36, Cross Plains TX 76443), which is right down the street from the Howard House.  It has a nice garden area out front with numerous park benches to sit and talk, and many people bring soda or snacks to share.  Numerous Howard fans stay at the Motel, which means restrooms are generally available to all for as long as everyone is out there talking.  One more thing:  Cross Plains is still as "dry" beverage-wise as it was in Howard's time, if you get my drift (or draft, so to speak).  Anyone who has an idea to bring little fiesta-beverages to the late-night discussions would be wise to keep that fact discreet while amongst the Cross Plains locals (and they would be wise to do their shopping long before they enter Callahan County). 

The Saturday Schedule of events is as follows:

All of the same events going on Friday (House Tours, Postal Cancellations, Pavilion, Library, Walking Tour) will be going on again on Saturday, with the only change being that the Walking Tour will occur at 1pm on Saturday rather than 1:30pm.  In addition, the following extra events will also occur:

10AM: There will be a morning panel discussion in the Pavilion outside of the Howard House.  The subject will be "Robert E. Howard in Cross Plains" and the speaking panelists will be REHupans James Reasoner, Steve Tompkins, Charles Gramlich, and Rusty Burke.  Project Pride is asking that all those planning on attending the panel please register ahead of time, so they can ensure there are seats for all.

1130AM - 1PM:  There will be a special Saturday Lunch served in the pavilion next to the Howard House.  Last year it was shredded BBQ Pork sandwiches, potato chips, and soda, and it was quite good.  You do need to register for this lunch, see below for details.

230PM: The afternoon panel discussion will be entitled "Robert E. Howard - Past and Future", and the speaking panelists will be REHupans Bill Cavalier, Frank Coffman, and Rusty Burke.  Again, if you are planning on attending the panel please register, so project Pride can ensure there are enough seats out there for all. 

530PM:  It is a REH-Days tradition on Saturday night to head over to West Caddo Peak in a caravan and watch the sun set.  West and East Caddo peaks are popular landmarks in Cross Plains, and Howard mentioned them in his letters fondly. It's very beautiful and serene, and Howard likely watched the sun set on occasion there himself.  People planning on going to the peak generally meet outside the Howard House between 4:30pm-5pm, and most people carpool together from there. Soon after sunset when it gets dark people head back to Cross Plains.

Technically this is the official end of REH-Days, but again, many people stay out in front of the West 36 Motel on Saturday night and talk into the wee hours of the morning. 


As stated above, you need to mail in a reservation for the Friday Night Banquet and the Saturday Afternoon Luncheon.  Friday's banquet costs $10 per person and Saturday's lunch costs $5 per person.  In addition, Project Pride would like to know if you plan on attending the Saturday morning and afternoon speaking panels.

To register, simply send Project Pride a letter telling them how many people are coming to each event, and enclose a check or money order for the appropriate amount made out to PROJECT PRIDE.  It is helpful to include the names of the people in your party and the city you are from, so they can properly introduce you at the banquet (they introduce all of the out-of-towners at the banquet).  Mail your registration information to:

Project Pride

PO Box 534

Cross Plains, TX, 76443

ATTN: REH-Days 2001 Registration

 Some further helpful tidbits....

FLYING IN:  Most people fly in to either Dallas or Austin, rent a car, and drive to Cross Plains from there.  Dallas is slightly closer (about a two-hour drive), but the Austin drive is more scenic and pleasant.

DRIVING TIP:  When driving in Texas and not being sure where to go, you may be tempted to head down one of the many side streets that branch off the highways, streets that are usually just labeled by a number.  This is a bad idea, as these are generally ranch roads that lead out aimlessly into the middle of nowhere.  Nothing Howard-related (Howard House, Flagship Resort, etc.) are hidden on side-streets.  Everything is located on main highways and roads, so stick to them.  This advice goes especially for the Flagship Hotel.  When driving towards the Flagship from Brownwood, you will see several roads with "Resort" or "Lake Brownwood" signs branching off from the main highway.  Do NOT take these.  The Flagship is all by itself right on the highway, so just keep driving north on the main highway and don't give up and turn around, you'll see it.

LODGING: The two most popular places to stay are the 36 West Motel in Cross Plains and the Flagship Resort on Lake Brownwood (halfway between Cross Plains and Brownwood right on the highway).  As of April 2001 the 36 West Motel is already fully booked for REH-Days, but the Flagship likely still has rooms (they generally have a family reunion going on there at the same time as REH-Days, so the sooner you reserve your room, the better).  The Flagship is a short 20 minute drive from the Howard House, they have a nice pool, and it is also 20 minutes closer to Brownwood, which is really convenient if you want to take advantage of the many restaurants that Brownwood has to offer instead of settling for the few places in Cross Plains.  The Flagship's website says that they have a restaurant on the premises, but this is untrue, the restaurant has been closed down (at least it was last year).  If you book a room at the Flagship, please note that their website booking does not work, it always says they are full regardless of what dates you put in.  The only way to get a reservation is to call.  But in general the Flagship isn't as far away from Cross Plains as it seems, and many REHupans and other Howard fans usually stay there.

Paul Herman adds:  "The last time I was down that way, there is a new chain motel, Best Western (most likely this one in Cisco) I think, where you turn off of I-20, coming down from Dallas.  Also about 20 minutes away, looked very nice.  Anyone thinking about fly-n-drive, be sure and get good directions, Cross Plains is small enough to not make it onto a lot of maps.  Don't expect the rental car folks to be too helpful."

RESTAURANTS: In addition to the four previously-mentioned restaurants in Cross Plains, there are many more restaurants in Brownwood, about a half an hour south of Cross Plains, and many people go there to eat.  In addition to the normal array of fast-food joints, there are several restaurants in Brownwood that are noteworthy.

HUMPHREY PETE'S is a good steakhouse.  PULIDO'S is a good Mexican restaurant.  There are many other restaurants throughout Brownwood.


Flagship Resort: (915)784-5432

36 West Motel: (254)725-4550

Brownwood Lodging

If you have any further questions about REH-Days, including where to stay, what to do, who is going, sharing a room, etc. you should post your question to the REH Inner Circle List, where many REHupans and attendees can assist you.

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New "Robert E. Howard Electronic APA" Online

REHupan Frank Coffman has made the following announcement about his new online amateur press association:

I am pleased to announce the first Official Posting of ROBERT-E-HOWARD: ELECTRONIC AMATEUR PRESS ASSOCIATION.

The e-journals posted for the first number -- Vol. 1, No. 1, Vernal Equinox 2001 -- are all free access. The first Active Members of REHEAPA (a.k.a. "The Three Musketeers"), Rusty Burke, Patrice Louinet, and myself, invite your perusal of the new official domain name and web site:

Your comments, suggestions, and applications for membership are welcome. Details are available through the home page index at the site, as are the three e-journals currently available: Rusty Burke's THE IRON HARP, Patrice Louinet's DWELLING IN DARK VALLEY, and my offering -- THE SHADOW SINGER.

Will YOU be "D'Artagnan" (or one of the "D'Artagnans") for the second number? (e-journals to be submitted by June 15th for the Summer Solstice posting).

Yours in the interest of Robert E. Howard studies and on behalf of my fellow members of Robert-E-Howard: Electronic Amateur Press Association,

Frank Coffman

Acting Official Online Editor

(decisions on specifics of by-laws and offices pending a vote of the developing membership)

For those of you who haven't heard about this, some explanation. Frank decided that it would be cool to get some more Howard articles on-line, especially the type of scholarly articles that appear in REHupa. So he developed this new APA himself (which is a completely separate entity from REHupa, despite the similar name), with the hopes that both old REHupa articles and brand new efforts would be contributed.

For those Howard fans who wish to write about Howard but who don't have the time or wherewithal to print your own 'zine in REHupa, this electronic APA may be right up your alley, so give it a try if you are so inclined. Frank has put a lot of work into this site, and it only promises to get better as the months go on and more members join. Have fun reading, and let him know what you think of the site.

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New DARK MAN Subscription Information and Issue Contents posted

REHupan Frank Coffman, editor of the rejuvenated Howard literary journal THE DARK MAN: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies, has relocated the Dark Man website, and has posted information about the upcoming Summer 2001 issue, as well as provided full information on subscribing:

Fellow Enthusiasts and Scholars of the Work of Robert Ervin Howard,

A preview of content for Issue #5 of the reinvigorated and (to be) semi-annually-published THE DARK MAN: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies is as follows (alphabetically by contributor's last names):

Fred Blosser, "When Kull Rode the Range"

Rusty Burke, "All fled, All done"

Frank Coffman, "Editor's Welcome," (and brief explanations of the two Letters sections: "The Cairn," and "Lock Box 313")

Charles Hoffman, "Escape from Eden: Genesis Subverted in 'The Garden of Fear'"

Gary Hoppenstand, "Soldiering for Fortune: Robert E. Howard's Kirby O'Donnell and 'The Treasures of Tartary'"

Glenn Lord, a tidbit of info on a mail-order book catalogue belonging to REH.

Gary Romeo, "'The Tower of the Elephant': A Modern Fable"

- - and a sidebar of info on "James Allison's Incarnations" by Joe Marek

Edward Waterman, "Dating Wolfshead"

The rates listed below are inclusive of postage:

Cover price of the TDM #5 (and for the foreseeable future) = $7.50

Advance (pre-publication) per copy sale = $6.00 $12.00 for a 1 year subscription. 2 Year Subscription = $22.00.

Patron/Sponsor amounts of $25.00 and up (in $5.00 increments, please) are most welcome. These would also obtain the number of future issues to the number of the amount given in patronage/sponsorship divided by $5.00.

- Frank Coffman -

The Dark Man is the only journal specifically geared to the Robert E. Howard scholar, and anyone interested in Howard is encouraged not only to subscribe, but to contribute articles of their own. Full information regarding the journal, its goals and submission rules, how to subscribe and pay for subscriptions, and all other details can be found at The Dark Man's official website.

The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies

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New reviews of two REH biographies online

REHupan Gary Romeo has written a detailed article reviewing two important biographical works about Howard.

First is The Miscast Barbarian, the first real REH biography published (in 1975). This was de Camp's first attempt at Howard's formal biography. He would later greatly expand on what is written here to create Dark Valley Destiny, which twenty years later is still the only book-length biography of Howard ever written. The Miscast Barbarian is still a fascinating read on its own, however, and reads differently in many ways from Dark Valley Destiny.

Next is A Short Biography of Robert E. Howard by Rusty Burke. This biography is comparatively recent (published 1999), and promises to be for Burke what The Miscast Barbarian was to de Camp: a first attempt that will be greatly expanded on in a future work.

In this article, Romeo goes into the meat of each book, detailing their respective strengths and weaknesses. He also compares the ways in which each author differs in their emphasis of key points in Howard's life. It's an interesting read that gives new insight into the problems people face when trying to write about Howard, who is a complicated figure under the best of circumstances.

Comparing DVD with A Short Bio

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Bran Mak Morn book update

Marcelo Anciano of Wandering Star has posted the following update on the upcoming release of Bran Mak Morn: The Last King:

For those of you awaiting the Wandering Star Bran book, I have just been able to get some firm dates for the completion of the Bran book, the complexity of the printing has delayed everything for two weeks, the trade is now ready to ship on the 23rd April, and the limited's will be ready by the 30th, I am going to try and steal back a week, but those are the dates now, I hope this is not too much of a pain, best, Marcelo

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Stan Lee Media Bankrupt; Conan Rights Revert To CPI

The following article was posted on the REH Inner Circle email list. Thanks goes to Mark Hall for finding this article on another list:

February 19, 2001

Stan Lee Media, the Internet venture established two years ago by Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee, announced that it filed for bankruptcy protection on February 16, 2001.

Stan Lee Media stock had peaked at over $28 a share in February, 2000. It closed at 13 a share on December 18, 2000, at which point NASDAQ suspended trading.

The company has also been the focus of an informal inquiry by the Securities and Exchange Commission, seeking to gather information regarding securities trading in the company's stock by certain individuals and entities. A separate and internal investigation by Stan Lee Media has discovered evidence of possible misuse of company funds by some former members of the company's management, with SLM co-founder Peter F. Paul having been fired.

Paul has reportedly left the United States, and has been in Brazil ever since the inquiry.

According to SLM Chief Executive Kenneth Williams, the company will now try to sell itself. Stan Lee Media has been in negotiations with several potential buyers since mid-December. Conan the Barbarian, acquired in a stock trade on September 13, 2000, is in the process of reverting back to Conan Properties, Inc.

It looks like Conan's freedom from Conan Properties, Inc. was short-lived. Thankfully, Wandering Star already has the publishing rights to all of the Howard Conan stories locked up, so all of these moves should not harm their efforts at all. In fact, this might be a good thing, keeping awful Conan imitations off the market at a time when Wandering Star is trying to paint Howard in a more serious, literary light.

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Major Update for WANDERING STAR Website

Wandering Star, the publishers of the deluxe Robert E. Howard Library of Classics, has completed a major update and restructuring of their website. You can now find much more information on all of their titles, along with many pictures, artwork, and interviews. The website was designed by REHupan Ed Waterman, and it promises to grow as projects are ramped up, particularly the upcoming three-volume Conan series.

There is a lot to keep you busy at this new site, so check it out, and order the books before they are sold out. The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane is down to only a few copies, and already it sometimes goes for twice its list price at places like E-Bay and Advanced Book Exchange.

Wandering Star

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REHupan David Burton has announced the official website for his company Endurant Book Distribution. Endurant is the official North American distributor for Wandering Star, the publishers of the deluxe Robert E. Howard Library of Classics. On the Endurant site you can see what Wandering Star products are available, get discounts, and receive various extras when you order Howard stuff from them. You will also be able to get news about upcoming releases, read interviews and other material from the artists and publishers of the books, and even buy many pieces of original art from the books themselves.

As of February 2001 there are very few copies of The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane left in stock, so if you don't already have it you should pick it up while you can.

Endurant Book Distribution

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Howard critic Don Herron's writings now online

Howard critic Don Herron has reprinted some of his writings concerning Howard online at his homepage:

Conan vs. Conantics is an essay Don wrote in the 70's, and is regarded as the first serious attempt at prying Howard's original writings free from the grip of deCamp and Co. Even twenty-five years later it is a great introduction to the controversies swirling around this issue. While at the time Don was fighting an uphill battle against deCamp's entrenched reputation (at the time deCamp wrote a condescending reply to this essay, and many of deCamps defenders also wrote lackluster, partisan efforts in his support), in the intervening years the criticisms of deCamp put forth in this essay have been proven true. For these reasons it is an important watermark in Howard criticism, and is a very fun and interesting read.

In addition, Don has also reprinted his reviews of the two Necronomicon Press books of Howard's Letters published at the start of the 1990's. The second is particularly notable for it's rousing criticism of Robert Price's Introduction to Letters II. Price, a well-regarded Howard fan and critic, wrote in his introduction a series of controversial and poorly-received comments concerning Howard's personality and the relevance of his Letters compared to Lovecraft's. Don's defense of Howard against these claims is witty, aggressive, and fun to read, especially if you are one of the many people who feel the same way about what Price said.

These writings can be found at Don Herron's homepage, which also contains information on Don's other projects and endeavors. Of special note to Howard fans: Don's 1984 book The Dark Barbarian, a well-regarded series of essays about Howard by various critics (indeed the first real book of Howard criticism ever published), has recently been reprinted as a trade paperback by Wildside Press. Don's essay from this book (also titled The Dark Barbarian) expands on much of the opinions presented in Conan vs. Conantics, and can be read online in its entirety at Ed Waterman's Barbarian Keep website.

The Dark Barbarian, Conan vs. Conantics, and Don's other Howard writings are considered standard reading for Howard enthusiasts, so be sure to check them out if you haven't already.

Don Herron's Homepage

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James Van Hise's book on Howard back in print

REHupan James Van Hise has issued a second printing of his well-regarded book The Fantastic Worlds of Robert E. Howard.

This book contains a series of essays and articles about Howard, many of which began life in the pages of REHupa. As many people have been asking for a published "Best of REHupa", this is a great place to start.

Ordering information for this book can be found at Ed Waterman's The Barbarian Keep website.

James Van Hise has written many other books that are of interest to science fiction and fantasy readers. In addition, he is a popular reseller of used Howard books, so write to him if you are looking to expand your collection. James sells his Howard books on E-Bay, so look for them there.

Robert E. Howard items on E-Bay

The Barbarian Keep

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Article about Howard's opinions about writing now online

REHupan Ed Waterman has written a great article entitled One Who Wrote Alone. For this article, Ed has scoured the biographical Howard book One Who Walked Alone and has collected all of Howard's comments regarding writing and being a writer. Reading these comments back-to-back presents new insights into Howard's personality and occupation.

Until now this article has only appeared in the pages of REHupa. Enjoy.

One Who Wrote Alone

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