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A listing, headed "Library," | A list of books and prices (erotica) | A list of books and prices (historical) | A list of books, and stories from Adventure magazine



1. A listing, headed "Library," found among Howard's papers.


 I  Fiction

  .a. Oriental fiction

      1  Kipling

         (1) "The Jungle Book"  India.

         (2) "The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Stories."  India and Afghanistan.

      2  Talbot Mundy

         (1) "King of the Khyber Rifles"  Afghanistan

         (2) "Hira Singh"   Asia.

         (3) "Hira Singh"   Asia.

         (4) "The Ivory Trail"   Africa.

         (5) "Winds of the World"   India.

         (6) "The Eye of Zeitoon"   Armenia.

         (7) "Guns of the Gods"       India.

         (8) "Rung Ho!"                  India.


      3  George Allan England

         (1) "The Flying Legion"     Arabia.

      4  Edith M. Hull

         (1) "The Sheik"                  Algeria


[It seems certain that this listing was typed out by Howard himself, sometime after July 1925]


  2. A list of books and prices found among Howard's papers    

"A History of the Rod" by Cooper; illustrated; published in London $7.50

"The Merry Order of St. Bridget" by Margaret Anson; illustrated, privately printed:  $5.00

"Curiosa of Flagellants & History of Flagellation"; bound in one volume; illustrated; privately printed:  $3.00

"Painful Pleasures" translated by W.J. Meusal; illustrated; privately printed:  $5.00

"Nell in Bridewell" by W. Reinhard; (translation) illustrated; published in Paris by the Society of British Bibliophiles: $5.00

"The Misfortunes of Colette"; illustrated; privately printed:  $3.00

"The Strap Returns"; illustrated; The Gargoyle Press:  $2.00

"Tracts of Flagellation" by George Colman; paper bound; published in England.  Henry Thomas Buckle:  $6.00

"The Rodiad" by George Colman; paper bound; published in England:  $1.50

"Tender Bottoms" by Guenoles; illustrated; published by American Ethnological Press, Inc.:  $3.00

"Sadism and Masochism" by Eulenburg; illustrated; published by The New Era Press:  $3.45

"Presented in Leather" by Claire Willows; illustrated; privately printed:  $5.00

"Padlocks and Girdles of Chastity"; privately printed; illustrated:  $1.50

TOTAL :  $50.95

[Note: A History of the Rod and Curiosa of Flagellants & History of Flagellation were among the books given to Howard Payne College by Dr. Howard in 1936.  Howard wrote to H.P. Lovecraft, 5 December 1935, "...I...have in my possession a very good work on sadism and masochism by a noted German scholar": this may well have been Sadism and Masochism.  It is possible that these are the only books on the above list which Howard actually ordered: all three are included in the main listing.  The other works are:

Anson, Margaret. 

The Merry Order of St. Bridget

Personal recollections of the use of the rod.  York: Printed for the author's friends, 1857. [Reprinted 1891 in a 250 copy edition.]

Painful Pleasures

According to one listing, this was published by Gargoyle Press in 1931, with black & white illustrations by Francis Heuber and cover illustration by Gerda Wegener.  An anthology on discipline and corporal punishment.

Reinhard, W.

Nell in Bridewell

(Lenchen in zuchthaus) Description of the system of corporal punishment (flagellation) in the female prisons of south Germany up to the year 1848; a contribution to the history of manners.  From the German of W. Reinhard, Englished by W.C. Costello...and A.R. Allison...Paris: Society of British Bibliophiles, 1900.  500 copies of this first English edition.

The Misfortunes of Colette

No information located.

The Strap Returns

new notes on flagellation; illustrated by Vladimir Alexandre Karenin.  New York: Privately printed by the Gargoyle Press [1933].  "Letters, excerpts, and articles...selected by the editor from a huge quantity of clippings, translations, and the like" -- p. 23.  Samuel Julian Wegman, ed.; Sidney Frank (1904-     ), transl.

Buckle, Henry Thomas.  

Tracts of Flagellation.

N.p.: privately printed, n.d.  According to one source, published in a limited edition of 500 copies, containing: 1. Sublime of Flagellation; 2. A Treatise of the Use of Flogging in Venereal Affairs; 3. Madame Birchini's Dance; 4. Fashionable Lectures; 5. Lady Bumtickler's Revels; 6. Exhibition of Female Flagellants in the Modest and Incontinent World; 7. Part the Second of the Exhibition of Female Flagellants.

Colman, George [pseudonym]. 

The Rodiad.

London: Cadell & Murray, 1810 [London: J.C. Hotten, 1871] (Library illustrative of social progress).  In verse.  Imprint fictitious; 250 copies published by John Camden Hotten in 1871... erroneously ascribed to George Colman the younger (1762-1836).

Guénolé, Pierre. 

Tender Bottoms

a psychosexual study in morals, based on personal experiences and documentary evidence, by Doctor Pierre Guénoles.  New York: Privately printed for subscribers, 1934.  Translation of L'étrange passion; la flagellation dans les mœure d'aujourd'hui.

Willows, Claire.  

Presented in Leather.

A cheerful end to a tearful diary.  With ten illustrations in half-tone.  New York: Issued privately for subscribers only [19--?]

Bonneau, Alcide (1836-1904). 

Padlocks and Girdles of Chastity.

Translation of Les cadenas et ceintures de chasteté.  Three editions listed in National Union Catalog: 1) No imprint [1925?], 115 pp.; 2) New York: Privately printed, 1928, 645 numbered copies, 78 pp.,  illustrated; 3) New York: The Golden Hind Press, Inc., 1932, 115 pages incl. plates.  The latter two include "Speech of Monsieur Freydier on behalf of Madmoiselle Marie Lajon versus Sieur Pierre Berlhe, prisoner of the court."  ]


 3. A list of books and prices found among Howard's papers

"Sailing Ships at a Glance"  $   .89  postage:  $   .14

"Fantastic Fables"                   .49        "             .14

"Assyria"                                .98        "             .14

"The Human Drift"                  .49        "             .14

                                         $ 2.85                      .56

                                 Books                               $2.85

                                               postage                                 .56

                                                                         $ 3.41




                             .  5



  4. A list of books, and stories from Adventure magazine, found among Howard's papers.     

This single sheet appears to have been used as a sort of typing practice: across the top of the page are the repeated sequences "asdfg" and ";lkjh", which are the "home" keys, and across the bottom a succession of numbers, "1" to "43".   Following are the authors and stories listed, in order, with notes in brackets:

The Young Acrobat

by Horatio Aljer Jr.

[Alger; not listed among the Alger books donated to Howard Payne.]

The Prehistoric World or Vanished Races

by E.A. Allen in collaboration with: C.C. Abott M.D., Prof. F.W. Putnam C.A.E., A.F. Bandelier, E.A.I.A., Prof. C. Rau, C.A.S.I., A. Winchell, LL.D. Prof. G.P., Cyrus Thomas, Ph.D. G.F. Wright Prof. T.G.S.  

[Title page of The Prehistoric World: or, Vanished Races, by E.A. Allen (Cincinnati: Central Publishing House, 1885), states "Each of the following well-known scholars reviewed one or more Chapters, and made valuable suggestions: | C.C. Abbott, M.D.(...) | Prof. F.W. Putnam, Curator of Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University | A.F. Bandelier, Explorer for Archaeological Institute of America (...) | Prof. Charles Rau, Curator of Archaeological Department of Smithsonian Institution | Alexander Winchell, LL.D., Professor of Geology and Paleontology, University of Michigan | Cyrus Thomas, Ph.D., of the Bureau of Ethnology | G.F. Wright, Of the United States Geological Survey, Professor in Theological Seminary, Oberlin, Ohio."  This book was in Howard's library.]

Hugh Pendexter, Arthur O. Friel, W.C. Tuttle, Gordon Young, Talbot Mundy, Captain Dingle, Charles Beadle

[These are the authors of the works which are next listed, all from Adventure.]

The Torch Bearers [Hugh Pendexter, 4 parts, May 1-June 15, 1921], War Wampum [Pendexter, 5 parts, June 10-July 20, 1922], The Barraguda [“The Barrigudo,” Arthur O. Friel, June 1, 1921], Tupahn, the Thunderstorm [“Tupahn -- the Thunderstorm,” Friel, May 10, 1922], Wisdom of the Ouija [W.C. Tuttle, Sept. 15, 1920], Tangled Trails [Tuttle, May 20, 1922], Sorcery and Everhard [Gordon Young, 4 parts, June 15-Aug. 1, 1921], Crooked Shadows [Young, June 20, 1922], The Adventure at EL Kerak [“The Adventure of El-Kerak,” Talbot Mundy, Nov. 10, 1921], The Lost Trooper [Mundy, May 30, 1922], ? A Shot at a Venture [“A Shot at a Venture,” Capt. Dingle, 3 parts, May 20-June 10, 1922], The Alabaster Bowl [“The Bowl of Alabaster,” Charles Beadle, Sept. 15, 1920], Gift of Diamonds [“Gifts of Diamonds,” Beadle, June 20, 1922].


Lost Diggings (Complete) [Pendexter, 5 parts, Nov. 30, 1921-Jan. 10, 1922], The Tailed Men [Friel, Feb. 14, 1921], Hashknife, Philanthropist [“‘Hashknife’ -- Philanthropist,” Tuttle, July 15, 1920], Sorcery and Everhard (com) [Young, 4 parts, June 15-Aug. 1, 1921], The Shriek of Dum [Mundy, Sept. 1, 1919]


Torch Bearers [Pendexter, 4 parts, May 1-June 15, 1921], Wolf Law [Pendexter, Oct. 30, 1921], White Dawn [Pendexter, 4 parts, Feb. 10-Mar. 10, 1922], Pay Gravel [Pendexter, 4 parts, Apr. 20-May 20, 1922].

The Barraguda [“The Barrigudo,” Friel, June 1, 1921], The Pathless Trail [Friel, 4 parts, Oct. 10-Nov. 10, 1921], The Jararaca [Friel, Dec. 30, 1921], Black Hawk [Friel, Mar. 10, 1922], Tupahn [“Tupahn -- the Thunderstorm,” Friel, May 10, 1922].

Wisdom of the Ouija [Tuttle, Sept. 15, 1920], Law Rustlers [Tuttle, Sept. 1, 1921], Local Color in Loco Land [Tuttle, August 1, 1921], Weaved by Warner [Tuttle, Oct. 20, 1921], Sun Dog Trails [Tuttle, July 1, 1921], Wise Men and a Mule [Tuttle, Feb. 20, 1922], Progress for Piperock [“Too Much Progress for Piperock,” Tuttle, Apr. 30, 1922], Powder Law [Tuttle, Jan. 20, 1922], Tangled Trails [Tuttle, May 20, 1922].

Sorcery and Everhard [Young, 4 parts, June 15-Aug. 1, 1921], Dead or Alive [“Dead or Alive!,” Young, Dec. 30, 1921], Crooked Shadows [Young, June 20, 1922].

Adventure at El Kerak [Mundy, Nov. 10, 1921], Seventeen Thieves of El Kalill [“The Seventeen Thieves of El-Kalil,” Mundy, Feb. 20, 1922], The Lion of Petra [Mundy, Mar. 20, 1922], The Woman Ayisha [Mundy, April 20, 1922], The Lost Trooper [Mundy, May 30, 1922].

Smuggled Guns [ ? ], The Burial of Billy [Dingle, Mar. 20, 1922], Tides of Hate [Dingle, Jan. 20, 1922], Red Saunders Protege [Dingle, July 1, 1921], A Shot at a Venture [Dingle, 3 parts, May 20-June 10, 1922].

The Alabaster Bowl [“The Bowl of Alabaster,” Beadle, Sept. 15, 1920], Buried Gods [Beadle, Sept. 1, 1921], Land of Ophir [Beadle, 3 parts, Mar. 10-Mar. 30, 1922], Gift of Diamonds [“Gifts of Diamonds,” Beadle, June 20, 1922].

J. Allan Dunn

[name typed, centered, at bottom of page just before row of numbers].

There appears to be a pattern to the list: first are given the names of the 7 authors; following this is a listing of two works by each, in the order the authors were listed (the exception is Dingle, for whom only one story is listed -- the ? may indicate a forgotten title); the following section lists a different story for each author, except that "Sorcery and Everhard" is again listed for Young, and Dingle and Beadle are omitted; then follows the final section, listing the stories again in the order the authors were originally listed, including some stories already listed and some new.  In this last section, the order seems mostly chronological (in order of appearance in Adventure) for each author, though there are deviations within the listings for Tuttle and Dingle.

Following are the issues of Adventure in which the listed stories appeared.  I have included information on stories by authors on the list which appeared in an issue containing a listed story, but were themselves not mentioned, and on stories by some authors not included on this list but either known to have been read by Howard or speculated by some to have been read by him.

1 September 1919

Mundy, "The Shriek of Dum" | Not mentioned: Young, "Savages," Part 4.

15 July 1920

Tuttle, "'Hashknife' -- Philanthropist" | Not mentioned: Friel, "The Ant-Eater" | Also: Lamb, "Law of Fire"

15 September 1920

Beadle, "The Bowl of Alabaster"; Tuttle, "The Wisdom of the Ouija" | Not mentioned: Pendexter, "Kings of the Missouri," Part 4 | Also: Lamb, "The Masterpiece of Death"

14 February 1921

Friel, "The Tailed Men" | Not mentioned: Tuttle, "When Love's Labor's Lost"; Young, "Bluffed" | Also: Bedford-Jones, "Other Men's Shoes" (w/ W.C. Robertson)

1 May 1921

Pendexter, "The Torch-Bearers," Part 1 | Not mentioned: Friel, "The Trumpeter"; Mundy, "Guns of the Gods," Part 5; Tuttle, "The Devil's Dooryard"

15 May 1921

Pendexter, "The Torch-Bearers," Part 2 | Not mentioned: Tuttle, "Tippecanoe and Cougars Two"; Young, "Sir Galahad and the Badger" | Also: Lamb, "The Village of the Ghost"

1 June 1921

Friel, "The Barrigudo"; Pendexter, "The Torch-Bearers," Part 3 | Also: Dunn, "The Moon Master"; Sabatini, "The Rebels Convict"

15 June 1921

Pendexter, "The Torch-Bearers," Part 4; Young, "Sorcery and Everhard," Part 1 | Not mentioned: Tuttle, "Creepin' Tintypes" | Also: Sabatini, "Don Diego Valdez"

1 July 1921

Dingle, "Red Saunders' Protege"; Tuttle, "Sun Dog Trails"; Young, "Sorcery and Everhard," Part 2 | Also: Lamb, "The Grand Cham"; Sabatini, "The Prize"

15 July 1921

Young, "Sorcery and Everhard," Part 3 | Not mentioned: Friel, "The Bouto" | Also: Sabatini, "Maracaybo"

1 August 1921

Tuttle, "Local Color in Loco Land"; Young, "Sorcery and Everhard," Part 4 | Also: Bedford-Jones, "Three Men Seeking" (w/ W.C. Robertson); Sabatini, "Blood Money"; Smith (Howden), "The Doom Trail," Part 1

1 September 1921

Tuttle, "Law Rustlers" | Not mentioned: Beadle, "Buried Gods"; Dingle, "Mickey's Marquis" | Also: Sabatini, "Santa Maria"; Smith (Howden), "The Doom Trail," Part 3

10 October 1921

Friel, "The Pathless Trail," Part 1 | Also: Sabatini, "The Hostage"; Smith (Howden), "The Doom Trail," Part 5

20 October 1921

Friel, "The Pathless Trail," Part 2; Tuttle, "Weaved by Warner" | Also: Knibbs, "The Ranger" (poem); Sabatini, "Captain Blood's Dilemma"

30 October 1921

Friel, "The Pathless Trail," Part 3; Pendexter, "Wolf Law"

10 November 1921

Friel, "The Pathless Trail," Part 4; Mundy, "The Adventure of El-Kerak" | Also: Dunn, "The Exterminator"

30 November 1921

Pendexter, "Lost Diggings," Part 1 | Not mentioned: Tuttle, "The Sheriff of Sun-Dog" | Also: Dunn, "The Gold Ship"

10 December 1921

Pendexter, "Lost Diggings," Part 2 | Not mentioned: Mundy, "Under the Dome of the Rock"

20 December 1921

Pendexter, "Lost Diggings," Part 3 | Also: Dunn, "Barehanded Castaways"

30 December 1921

Friel, "The Jararaca"; Pendexter, "Lost Diggings," Part 4; Young, "Dead or Alive!"

10 January 1922

Pendexter, "Lost Diggings," Part 5 | Not mentioned: Mundy, "The 'Iblis' at Ludd"; Young, "Men of the Night," Part 1

20 January 1922

Dingle, "Tides of Hate"; Tuttle, "Powder Law" | Not mentioned: Young, "Men of the Night," Part 2

10 February 1922

Pendexter, "The White Dawn," Part 1 | Not mentioned: Young, "Men of the Night," Part 4 | Also: Dunn, "Forced Luck"

20 February 1922

Mundy, "The Seventeen Thieves of El-Kalil"; Pendexter, "The White Dawn," Part 2; Tuttle, "Wise Men and a Mule" | Also: Lamb, "The Gate in the Sky"

28 February 1922

Pendexter, "The White Dawn," Part 3

10 March 1922

Beadle, "The Land of Ophir," Part 1; Friel, "Black Hawk"; Pendexter, "The White Dawn," Part 4

20 March 1922

Beadle, "The Land of Ophir," Part 2; Dingle, "The Burial of Billy"; Mundy, "The Lion of Petra"

30 March 1922

Beadle, "The Land of Ophir," Part 3 | Not mentioned: Tuttle, "The Spark of Skeeter Bill" | Also: Smith (Howden), "A Son of Strife," Part 1

20 April 1922

Mundy, "The Woman Ayisha"; Pendexter, "Pay Gravel," Part 1 | Not mentioned: Young, "Shipwreck" | Also: Smith (Howden), "A Son of Strife," Part 3

30 April 1922

Pendexter, "Pay Gravel," Part 2; Tuttle, "Too Much Progress for Piperock" | Also: Dunn, "Plunder"; Lamb, "The Wolf-Chaser"

10 May 1922

Friel, "Tupahn -- the Thunderstorm"; Pendexter, "Pay Gravel," Part 3

20 May 1922

Dingle, "A Shot at a Venture," Part 1; Pendexter, "Pay Gravel," Part 4; Tuttle, "Tangled Trails"

30 May 1922

Dingle, "A Shot at a Venture," Part 2; Mundy, "The Lost Trooper"

10 June 1922

Dingle, "A Shot at a Venture," Part 3; Pendexter, "War Wampum," Part 1 | Also: Dunn, "Flotsam"; Lamb, "The Net"

20 June 1922

Beadle, "Gifts of Diamonds"; Pendexter, "War Wampum," Part 2; Young, "Crooked Shadows" | Also: Knibbs, "A Hundred and Sixty -- Fenced" (poem)

30 June 1922

Pendexter, "War Wampum," Part 3 | Also: Knibbs, "Sandy Rue" (poem)

10 July 1922

Pendexter, "War Wampum," Part 4 | Not mentioned: Mundy, "The King in Check"; Tuttle, "Ajax, For Example"

20 July 1922

Pendexter, "War Wampum," Part 5 | Not mentioned: Friel, "Tiger River," Part 1



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