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REH Days 2011

Welcome to the 2011



Please note: this page will be under constant revision as more information comes to light and details are ironed out. Revised 6-5-11.

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8:30 – 9 am: Coffee and donuts at the Pavilion, compliments of Project Pride

9 am – 4 pm: Robert E. Howard House Museum open to the public.

9 am – 4 pm: REH Postal Cancellation at Cross Plains Post Office

9 am – 11 am: “Trailer” Tour of Cross Plains

10 am – 5 pm: Cross Plains Public Library open

11:00: PANEL: Howard Days History at the Library

Noon: Lunch hosted by Project Pride. Donations Welcome.

11:00 am to 4 pm: Pavilion available for REH items Swap Meet

1:00 pm: PANEL: History of REH fanzines at the Library

2:15 pm: PANEL: Howard’s Historicals at the Library

3:30 pm: PANEL: Conan 2011 Movie Trailers & More at the Cross Plains High School Auditorium

5:30 – 6:30: Silent Auction items available for viewing & bidding at Banquet site

6:30: Robert E. Howard Celebration Banquet & Silent Auction at the Cross Plains Community Center

Following the Banquet & Silent Auction: The Second Annual Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards at the Cross Plains Community Center

Afterward there will be some extemporaneous REH Poetry Reading at the Pavilion.


9 am – 4 pm: Robert E. Howard House Museum open to the public.

9 am – 4 pm: BARBARIAN FESTIVAL held this year at Treadway Park, 3 blocks west of REH House

10 am – 3 pm: Cross Plains Public Library open

10 am PANEL: Conan Movie History at the Library

Noon to 4 pm: Pavilion available for REH items Swap Meet

11:30 am:The Robert E. Howard Foundation Legacy Circle Members Luncheon 11:30 am Saturday at Jean’s Feed Barn.

Lunch & Festival Activities at your leisure during the day

1:00 pm PANEL: Damon Sasser/Dennis McHaney at the Library

2:15 pm PANEL: REH Historical Poetry at the Library

3:30 pm PANEL:What’s Up with REH? at the Pavilion

5 pm: Sunset BBQ at the Caddo Peak Ranch

In addition to the above schedule, we can tell you the Howard House & Museum will be open from 2:00 to 4:00 pm on Thursday afternoon, June 9th. It’s more of an extemporaneous event and no docents will be on hand, but if you’re in town then, y’all come by!

For Howard Days 2011, we’re also trying out a few “extemporanenous” activities; one of which is an

HOWARD DAYS ART CONTEST: Artist Ken Brown, originally from Cross Plains, has created an original drawing of Bobs’ Window and has invited other artists to fill in the blank left side of the drawing with what they think Bob might have seen outside his window. There will be prints of this drawing available at the Pavilion for artists to complete as a fun activity while enjoying the Pavilion atmosphere. The prize, a voucher for one book from the REH Foundation Press, will be awarded at the conclusion of the final panel (winner need not be present.)

Also, with the large amount of Howard Fans in attendance, we’re inviting folks to do some “extemporaneous” off-the-cuff mini-panels & talks at the Pavilion and BBQ about various aspects of Howard Fandom. These are unstructured events designed to have us all talk about the reason why we’re in Cross Plains: Robert E. Howard! (One of my favorite activities is to ask a group of people what was their first exposure to Robert E. Howard.)

Regarding questions about the Robert E. Howard grave site: A visit to the site at the Greenleaf Cemetery in Brownwood is not an “official” activity of REH Days. You may visit there at your leisure. Directions are available at the Howard House, as are directions to Novalyne Price Ellis’ grave site between Brownwood and Bangs.


PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to pre-register to partake of the weekend’s festivities. All are welcome to attend, visit the House and enjoy all of the activities free of charge. Project Pride likes to pre-register folks primarily to get a head count of how many will be attending the Banquet on Friday night. All the panels, tours, Swap Meet, Pavilion activities etc. are presented at no cost. Your registration fee covers coffee & donuts Friday morning, lunch at the Pavilion Friday noon, the Friday Banquet and the Saturday BBQ.

The cost for pre-registration this year is $15 per person. Please send your name(s) & address with a check or money order or NOW register via PayPal:

Project Pride
Attn: REH Days 2011 Pre-registration
PO Box 534
Cross Plains, TX 76443

Please pre-register before June 1, 2011.

And for only $3.00 more per person ($5.00 per family), you can become a card-carrying Member of Project Pride. Each membership can make a big difference for the House!


The “theme” of Howard Days 2011 is Howard History. We’re celebrating four distinct anniversaries this year: 100 Years of the town of Cross Plains, 75 Years honoring the Legacy of Robert E. Howard, 50 Years since the first publication of Glenn Lord’s seminal REH publication: The Howard Collector, and 25 Years since the very first Robert E. Howard Days.

2011 finds us with two additional anniversary events to celebrate: the 45th year since the first mass marketing of Conan via the Lancer publication of CONAN THE ADVENTURER, and the 40th year since Marvel Comics first brought Conan to comic book form.

To that end, we’re planning on panels and events as well as some surprises that will will reflect the History angle as it entwines itself into all aspects of REH and Cross Plains. History was an important part of Howard’s make-up, and that is reflected in his prose and poetry. And this year, it’s the make-up of REH Days.

The 100 year anniversary of Cross Plains is an ongoing event celebrated throughout the town during 2011. The easiest way to follow the ongoing and upcoming Cross Plains activities there is to check out their Facebook page.


Since 1986, people have been coming from all around the world to Cross Plains, Texas, to celebrate the life and writings of acclaimed author Robert E. Howard. Every year on the second weekend of June, Project Pride of Cross Plains, a local civic organization, puts on a festival known as Robert E. Howard Days. Sponsored by the Robert E. Howard Foundation with help from the members of the Robert E. Howard United Press Association (REHupa), it is a two-day extravaganza of tours, panels, auctions, films, speeches, readings, rare collectibles, and great Howardian fellowship. For fans of Howard, it is the ultimate gathering: part historical symposium, part fan convention, all fun.

Come and walk through the streets where Howard dreamed his fantastic adventures, visit the House and gaze upon the exact spot where he wrote them. Read aloud his poetry right outside the window where it was created. Walk in his footsteps around the House and all over the town of Cross Plains. See with your own eyes the original yellowed typescripts, listen to scholars detail the history embedded all around the town. Meet and mingle with hundreds of Howard fans from all over the world. Browse the Howard Museum’s impressive Howard Gift Shop, and win prized items in the annual Silent Auction. An informal “Swap Meet” is also held, where fans can buy, sell or trade REH items of all sorts. Climb the same Caddo Peaks that Howard did, or take a drive south to visit historic Fort McKavett, and take your photo in the exact spot Howard did over seventy years ago. Go to Brownwood to Howard Payne University to see the books Howard owned, and stop in at Greenleaf Cemetery to pay your respects at his grave.


Dennis McHaney & Damon Sasser

With a history of involvement with REH fandom of  over 70 years between them, our Guests of Honor for 2011 are Dennis McHaney and Damon Sasser. Their legendary Howard fanzine publishing careers began with the first Howard Boom of the 1970′s and have continued to today. Dennis is the longtime publisher and editor of The Howard Review, the legendary REH fanzine now available in an anthology and has also published The World’s Greatest Pulpster and The Man from Cross Plains. He also is the man behind the longest running Howard internet message board, rehinnercircle, now in it’s 12th year. Damon is the Editor and Publisher of REH: Two Gun Raconteur, the Definitive Howard Fanzine, The Chronicler of Cross Plains, and runs the REH: Two Gun Raconteur website, perhaps the best REH website around. Both Damon and Dennis are members of REHupa and the Robert E. Howard Foundation.


Past attendees to Howard Days know the thrill of viewing the items up for bid at the Silent Auction at the Friday Night Banquet and marveling at all the rare Howard treasures for sale to the highest bidder. All proceeds from this Auction go  directly to Project Pride for the upkeep of the Howard Museum. It is a great place to fill in gaps in your collection, acquire some very unique Howard items and help Project Pride maintain Howard’s Legacy.

To that end, project pride is in need of your help by way of donations of Howard materials to the Silent Auction. Are you willing to donate some of your books, magazines, old pulps, comics, memorabilia, fanzines or other publications? Other Howard items such as t-shirts, bookmarks, wood carvings, original artwork or limited edition prints or posters are also great items to donate to the auction. Instead of selling your items on Ebay, you can donate them to the Silent Auction and know the money will be supporting a worthy cause! (And it counts as a donation, so it’s tax deductible!)

Simply send your donated items to:

Project Pride
P.O. Box 534
Cross Plains, TX 76443
ATTN: REH Days Silent Auction

Be sure to include your name and address information, as all donors are listed in a place of honor in the Howard Days Banquet program booklet. Additionally, you may arrange to place items in the Silent Auction prior to the Banquet, if you’d rather bring the items to Howard Days. If you please, with any item you might donate to the Auction, list a reasonable low opening bid price on the item (like a dollar or two – start low and let the bidders raise the amount). A sticky note placed on the item you donate will help Project Pride set up the bid sheets. The bidding is always fast, furious and fun! Note: You do not need to be registered for the Banquet to view the items or place bids, but you be missing out on the great food!

The Cross Plains Library and Robert E. Howard

The Cross Plains Public Library has had an impact on the shaping of Robert E. Howard Days ever since the first event in 1986. It is now a place to go for REH research by virtue of the numerous Howard manuscripts housed there, along with the REH collection that is available to all: it has some rare collectibles, including old pulps and obscure fanzines, limited edition books and even original letters from Mrs. Howard in Cross Plains to her son in Brownwood, reminding him to change his socks! The Library expanded into a new annex in 2009, the stacks got bigger and the programs offered all through the year are now more numerous. They were able to do this through the hard work of the people of Cross Plains and generosity of folks all over the world via their gracious donations, and now it has paid off.

Cross Plains, Texas is proud that the Cross Plains Public Library was selected as one of only three finalists in the Library Journal’s 2010 Best Small Library in America Award.


The Barbarian Festival is an annual one-day celebration which the town of Cross Plains hosts on Saturday during Howard Days. There are dozens of booths selling all kinds of neat stuff, lots of food, live music, car & tractor shows, games and rides for kids, a petting zoo, parades, contests, Cross Plains 100th Anniversary t-shirts and much more.  Howard Days attendees (especially non-Howard fans like spouses and kids) will be able to spend time at the festival for a lot of fun things to do.You can find the Barbarian Festival this year in Treadway Park, 3 blocks west of the Howard House on Hwy 36. Check it out at :

Cross Plains is located almost in the exact center of the state of Texas, about two and a half hours drive west of Dallas, thirty minutes south of I-20, and 30 minutes north of Brownwood.

As for when you should consider coming to and leaving Cross Plains, one recommended plan would be to fly or drive to Texas to arrive on Thursday June 10, and leave for home on Sunday, June 13. A lot of folks come in on Thursday, and congregate either at the Pavilion adjacent to the House, or gather in the courtyard of the 36 West Motel. (This year the House will be open from 2 to 4 on Thursday afternoon.) You’ll be able to tell the Howard fans by all the Hawaiian shirts! C’mon over and join the group – all Howard fans are welcome!


If you fly in, plan to spend 2-3 hours in your rental car on the highway from Dallas or Austin to Cross Plains. For those of you driving to Howard Days, you can plan your trip accordingly. Hopefully, billions of colorful wildflowers will line the roads you travel. Needless to say, watch your speed limit in Texas, as the troopers there are not shy about handing out tickets.  Be advised that the constable in Cross Plains is also on the job.



You have a lot of choices in this regard. The only motel in Cross Plains itself is the 36 West (so named because it sits on Highway 36, a mere block away from the Robert E. Howard Museum).

As the 36 West has a limited number of rooms and is always sold out for Howard Days, a lot of attendees each year make do with finding a motel at one of the surrounding communities, then driving in to Cross Plains each morning for the festivities and driving back to their motel in the evening. The drive from nearly all the other towns is about thirty minutes one way, and the roads are very straight, scenic and pleasant, especially if those wildflowers are in bloom.

The three nearby towns most popular with Howard fans in need of accommodations are Cisco, Coleman, and Brownwood. Cisco and Coleman are smaller towns, much like Cross Plains, and boast only a modest selection of hotels and rooms. Brownwood is a larger community with many hotels, restaurants, and other amenities. The closest “big” city is Abilene, which is less than an hour away and has an even larger selection.

Of course, the internet is your friend at times like these, and a search for hotel space is an easy undertaking. A Google or Yahoo! search will turn up many more options for you to consider.

The following is a partial listing of local hotels.

36 West Motel with RV Park
Cross Plains
Highway 36
Located 1 block from the Howard House and Museum. Usually sold out for REH Days, but a phone call might be worth a try.

The Executive Inn (formerly the Enterprise Motel)
300 East Interstate 20

Best Western
1898 Highway 206 West  21 miles from Cross Plains.

Holiday Inn Express
504 West Commerce Street

Best Western
(800) 528-1234
1401 Highway 84 Bypass

America’s Best Value (formerly Best Western)
410 East Commerce

Knight’s Inn (formerly Post Oak Inn)
606 Early Boulevard 32 miles from Cross Plains.

Gate 1 Inn
4410 Highway 377 South  32 miles from Cross Plains.

Days Inn
(877-500-2600) Brownwood
515 East Commerce  32 miles from Cross Plains.

Lake Brownwood State Park
Campsites Available (must make reservations by phone)

Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast
A deluxe Bed & Breakfast for those who want something special.

Hampton Inn Brownwood  1-800-Hampton

La Quinta Inn Brownwood (325-641-1713)

La Quinta Inn & Suites Eastland


Robert E. Howard Days is a wonderful yearly get-together of fans, scholars and friends, all gathered to celebrate the life and work of Ol’ Two-Gun Bob Howard, a true Texas and American original. It’s an open-air-under-the-Texas-sun informal meeting of folks from all over honoring the Legacy of Robert E. Howard with fellowship and friendly conversation, and you can do so on the very ground where he walked and wrote his wonderful works. The Alla Ray Morris Pavilion is adjacent to the Howard Museum, where tables and chairs are set up for all attendees to sit and relax in the shade, chat with your new and old Howard Friends, and enjoy water and soft drinks provided by Project Pride. (As always, donations are welcome.)


The “unofficial” eating and meeting place (especially breakfast) for Howard Days attendees is Jean’s Feed Barn, next door to the 36 West Motel. Additionally, there are a number of great restaurants in Cross Plains, like the Staghorn Cafe and Mexico City.  Nothing quite like authentic Texas chow, and Cross Plains has it! There is also a Subway and Dairy Queen, and a well-stocked grocery store is next to Jean’s Feed Barn. A slew of restaurants in Brownwood covers pretty much all cuisines, with Humphrey Pete’s being the unofficial Thursday night meeting place.


Regarding Robert E. Howard’s grave site at the Greenleaf Cemetery in Brownwood: there are no organized tours to the cemetery during Robert E. Howard Days, but folks usually caravan to the site sometime during the course of the weekend. Directions to the grave site are available at the Howard House, as are directions to the grave site of Novalyne Price-Ellis between Brownwood and Bangs. Vonne Cornett of FROG (Friends and Relatives of Greenleaf) informs us that they will have refreshments, cold water and soft drinks available at Howard’s grave site on both the Friday and Saturday of Howard Days from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm. They will also have maps to Novalyne’s grave site. Please help them out with a donation for their wonderful service to us Howard Fans!


Everyone who comes to Howard Days (will hopefully) end up returning home with Howard books, magazines, t-shirts, postcards and all kinds of Howard related souvenirs. There are usually some items exclusive to Howard Days (like the Postal Cancellation, books, journals and post cards, t-shirts and now an exclusive Poetry book), so it’s always a good idea to bring some extra dough! You not only have the Gift Shop to contend with, but the Silent Auction and whatever other items people bring to sell at the Swap Meet at the Pavilion as well. Additionally, there are restaurants and businesses in Cross Plains that are quite happy to see you and exchange your money for great food or a pair of real Texas cowboy boots - and there’s nothing like some frosty DQ on a hot Texas afternoon! And there are always nifty items and delicious food for sale at Saturday’s Barbarian Festival as well! Get in line behind Mark Finn for the funnel cakes!

Note that the Gift Shop at the Howard House or the Silent Auction at the Banquet does not accept credit cards; they take cash or checks only, so please plan accordingly.  ATM’s are available at several locations in town.


Regarding alcoholic beverages: CROSS PLAINS IS A DRY TOWN. It is located in Callahan County and just as in Howard’s time, Cross Plains has no liquor for sale. However, if you bring your own alcohol into Cross Plains, no one is liable to kick about it if you keep it to yourself, clean up your mess, and behave yourself at all times. The Howard House is on private property, so alcohol consumption at the evening gatherings is allowed, but Please Practice Discretion.

FYI: Each day during Howard Days usually ends with people talking late into the evening (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at the Howard pavilion or the 36 West Motel. Friendly folks that Howard Fans are, there are always coolers filled with water, soft drinks and/or stronger stuff, which is generously shared by all. If you choose to participate with alcohol, remember to please keep it at the Pavilion or the motel. Texas is also a big-time Open Container Law state and there are sheriffs patrolling all the major highways at night for drunk and/or speeding drivers. They know about Howard Days and the increased activity on the highways around Cross Plains. The Cross Plains Police Department is also on the job.


Additionally, Robert E. Howard’s little town is continually dry in a really bad way: CROSS PLAINS IS FIRE-PRONE. In December of 2005, a horrific fire nearly destroyed the town of Cross Plains, and Texas is perpetually undergoing a drought. 2011 has already been witness to a number of wildfires in central Texas, one coming as close as 10 miles from Cross Plains. PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL WITH LIGHTERS, MATCHES AND ALL SMOKING MATERIALS, as well as camping fires and barbeque grills!

Use common sense and be extra diligent about cigarette smoking and the disposal of your cigarettes during your visit to Howard Days. Note that the owners of the Caddo Peak Ranch have requested that there be ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING WHATSOEVER at the Ranch during the Saturday evening  Barbeque due to the perpetual danger of fire. If you absolutely cannot make it without a cigarette at the Caddo Peak BBQ, please go and smoke only inside your vehicle, with the windows up, and extinguish the cigarette in the car’s ashtray. You do not want to be the person who ends Howard Days forever with a carelessly smoked cigarette!

Thanks in advance for following the above suggestions, and for continuing to give the Howard fans who come to Cross Plains a good name.


Cross Plains is a community in which faith plays a central role, and
any of the churches would be happy to welcome Robert E. Howard fans who
wish to join them in worship.  The following list covers primarily
those churches within or just outside the city limits.  The Cross
Plains Review each week includes a church directory (from which the
following information was drawn), and of course others may be located
through inquiries.

Cornerstone Bible Church, 832 Ave E
Sunday Morning Bible Study: 10:00 am / Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00
am / Sunday Evening Worship: 6:00 pm / Wednesday Night Bible Study:
6:00 pm

Cross Plains Church of Christ, 433 N Main  (254) 725-6117
Sunday Morning Bible Class: 9:45 am / Sunday Morning Worship 10:45 am
/ Sunday Evening Worship: 6:00 pm / Wednesday Evening Bible Study:
7:00 pm

Cross Plains Cowboy Church, 16075 County Road 459  (254) 725-6446 or
(325) 518-5514
Sunday: 10:30 am / Wednesday Night: 7:00 pm

First Baptist Church, 3rd St NE & N Main (254) 725-7629
Sunday School: 9:30 am / Sunday Morning Worship: 10:45 am / Sunday
Evening Worship: 6:30 pm

First Presbyterian Church, 208 N Ave D
Sunday Service: 9:00 am

First United Methodist Church, 1000 N Main  (254) 725-7377
Sunday School: 9:30 am / Sunday Morning Worship 10:45 am

Living Water Ministries Fellowship, 548 Hwy 36 W  (254) 725-7418
Sunday: 10:00 am / Wednesday: 7:00 pm

Triple Cross Cowboy Church, 21272 Hwy 279 (just past 279/206 split)
(254) 725-7522 or (325) 370-6680
Sunday: 10:30 am

United Pentecostal Church, 209 SW Hwy 36 (5th St)  (254) 725-7140
Sunday School: 9:30 am / Sunday Worship & Word: 6:30 pm / Wednesday
Bible Study: 7:00 pm



Friday, June 10


9:00 – 4:00: Howard House Museum open for tours.

Each year, Howard Days begins at the front door to the Howard House. There is plenty of parking along the West side of the House. Say hi to the nice ladies at the table out front, sign your name in the Guest Register, drop a donation in the Donation Jar and put on a name badge so everyone knows your name.

Then enter the house itself. You can either take the guided tour, where in each room a docent will explain to you all of the history and items associated with that room, or if you’ve been here many times before you can simply browse around yourself and see what’s new. All of the rooms have been restored back to the decor of the period, and there is a wide array of  Howard associational items to look over and enjoy, including numerous photos of REH, his family and friends. You can gaze in awe at the rarest Howard collectible of all: the British publisher Herbert Jenkins 1938 edition of Robert E. Howard’s A GENT FROM BEAR CREEK, a most gracious donation from Leo Grin, or look at the Benjamin Musser poetry book that was autographed to REH by Musser and sent directly to REH in 1931. (This gem was donated by REHupa). A number of books that Dr. Howard owned are now displayed in the parlor of the Howard House, thanks to the sharp eye and quick wits of Don Herron.

In the back of the House, the Howard Gift Shop has an enormous selection of books, magazines, postcards, t-shirts and other souvenirs to purchase. Each purchase contributes to the Robert E. Howard Museum, so be sure to bring lots of dough! Cash or checks only please…and the Jenkins book is not for sale…

Adjacent to the Robert E. Howard House you’ll find the Alla Ray Morris Pavilion, a covered, open air meeting place for all Howard Days attendees. There are plenty of tables and chairs set up here for you to relax, converse, look over your Gift Shop purchases or swap meet deals, and just enjoy old and new friendships while celebrating Ol’ Two-Gun Bob Howard. Project Pride provides cold water and soft drinks in a large cooler here (don’t forget the Donation Jar!), and the Trailer Tour also starts here. The Friday luncheon, some of the panels and the Swap Meet take place here, and the Pavilion is also the after-hours gathering spot. It is open to all, and you are welcome here whether or not you’ve pre-registered. See you at the Pavilion!

9:00 – 4:00: Postal Cancellation at downtown Post Office

Take your postcards and souvenir mail there, and they will cancel the stamp with a special REH Days logo. Send your family or friends who couldn’t make it a special REH souvenir to add to their collections. The post office is located at 101 N. Avenue D, one block east of Main Street (behind Higgenbotham’s General Store).


10:00 – 500: Cross Plains Public Library downtown open. Original REH manuscripts available for viewing, copies for sale.

The Cross Plains Public Library will be open all day for the purpose of viewing their extensive Howard collection. The Library has an wide array of original Howard typescripts, rare Howard books, old Weird Tales magazines and various Howard fanzines. Enjoy the new library annex and be in the audience for the various Howard Days panels presented here. There will also be Howard books for sale here, including the excellent REH memoir by Novalyne Price Ellis, One Who Walked Alone. Copies of Howard’s typewritten manuscript pages are also for sale.

9:00 – 11:00 am: Open-air Trailer Ride Tour

Why walk when you can ride? Show up before 9 am to claim a seat on the open-air trailer. Hosted by Rusty Burke, Don Clark and Kennith Beeler, they will provide commentary on REH points of interest as you ride around Cross Plains. This year the trailer has sides on it for added safety and there’s a p.a. system available for your listening pleasure.

Sorry, but there will be no Bus Tours this year.

11:00 am: Panel: 25 Years Later – The First REH Days. Rusty Burke and Bill Cavalier, two of the original 10 attendees, talk about the one that started it all: the very first REH Days in 1986. A history of all the subsequent Howard Days will also be discussed. Location: Cross Plains Library.

12:00 Lunch in the Pavilion – provided by Project Pride.

10:00 – 4:00 Pavilion available for informal REH Swap Meet. You are welcome to bring your Robert E. Howard and related items and set up on the tables in the pavilion, for a Howard Fans Swap Meet. Buy, sell, & trade in this informal setting with your fellow fans, while enjoying a cool drink provided by Project Pride and chatting with your new and old Howard friends. If you do sell items, a donation of your proceeds to Project Pride (on the honor system) is the only fee for the space provided, and it is much appreciated. The requested donation is 10% of your sales.

1:00 Panel: REH Fanzines: They Kept the Legacy Alive. Join panelists Damon Sasser, Dennis McHaney, Lee Breakiron and Bill Cavalier as they present an overview of the history of REH fan publishing. Location: Cross Plains Library.

2:15 Panel: The Howard Historicals. A discussion of Howard’s writing of history (real and imaginary) that included strong women along with this year’s SWORD WOMAN book from Del Rey will take place. Panelists: Barbara Barrett, Amy Kerr. Location: Cross Plains Library.

3:30 Panel: A Presentation of Conan 2011 Movie Trailers & more. Join Fred Malmberg and Jay Zetterberg of Paradox Entertainment at the Cross Plains High School Auditorium for a showing of trailers of the upcoming CONAN movie. Behind the scenes news and views plus props from the movie will also be on hand. Location: CPHS Auditorium.

5:30 – 6:30: Gather at the Cross Plains Community Center to view items and place bids for the Banquet’s Silent Auction.

6:30 The Robert E. Howard Days Celebration Banquet

Come feast on a complete fajita dinner with all the fixin’s, this year provided again by our amigos at Mexico City Cafe in Cross Plains. Your $15.00 registration fee entitles you to this, the second of three full meals served by your Cross Plains friends. (The third is the Barbeque at Caddo Peak Ranch on Saturday night.)

The Silent Auction ends after dinner, with a brief period to raise those bids. If you are the winning bidder when time is up, you win the item. We promise you won’t have to wait long in the payment line, because we’re hanging at the Community Center for:

The Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards. Immediately after the Silent Auction ends, stick around in the coolness of the Community Center as the 2010 REH Foundation Awards are presented for the finest in REH scholarship and fandom, as voted by the membership of the Foundation.

The Late Night Gathering at the Pavilion after the awards for REH Fan Fellowship and REH poetry reading.

Saturday, June 12

9:00 – 4:00 Howard House Museum open for tours

10:00 – 4:00 Annual Barbarian Festival located in the large lot just north of the Dollar Store on Main Street in Cross Plains – a small town specialty: parade, car & tractor show, live music, craft vendors & lots of food vendors, games for the whole family, and new this year – a Talent Show. See their website at

10:00 – 3:00: Cross Plains Public Library downtown open. Original REH manuscripts available for viewing, copies for sale.

10:00 Panel: Conan Movie History: In keeping with the history aspect of this year’s HD, Paul Sammon (Author of Conan the Phenomenon) will entertain us all with a presentation of how he worked on and promoted both Arnold movies: Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer.

Lunch available at the Barbarian Festival or any restaurant of your choice.

10:00 – 4:00 Pavilion available for informal REH Swap Meet.

1:00 Panel: Guests of Honor Dennis McHaney and Damon Sasser talk about their prolific careers involved with Howard Fandom.

2:15 Panel: REH Historical Poetry. Noted REH poetry experts Barbara Barrett, Alan Birkelbach and Frank Coffman discuss the historical slant to Howard’s poems.

3:30 Panel: What’s Happening with REH. Panelists discuss the ongoing and upcoming events and projects in the continuing 21st Century REH Boom. Panelists will include Rusty Burke, Fred Malmberg & Jay Zetterberg of Paradox Entertainment, Paul Herman + other unsuspecting Howard Heads!

Photo copyright 2008 Paul Sammon

5:00 – 8:00 “Sunset BBQ at Caddo Peak,” hosted by the Middleton Family, owners of the beautiful Caddo Peak Ranch.

We all meet at the Pavilion before 5 and caravan to the Caddo Peak Ranch a few miles west of Cross Plains to one of the most picturesque landmarks of Central Texas, the Caddo Peaks. While there, you’ll have the opportunity to take a trip to the base of West Caddo Peak and hike up to the top, giving you perhaps the best view of Central Texas to be had anywhere. (Don’t forget your water bottle!)



When you return, you will enjoy a delicious,  fully catered BBQ meal, courtesy of the owners of the ranch, Janet Swanson and Marsha Murray. And then, watch a beautiful sunset with your many old and new Howard friends, as Howard Days comes to a close. An informal gathering then takes place at the Pavilion after the BBQ.

Hope you can make it to Cross Plains for Robert E. Howard Days this year. It continues to be a wonderful time to enjoy what is the very best time to be a Howard Fan, and share in the Fellowship of Robert E. Howard Friends, Old & New. It’s a trip you won’t forget!

As they say in Texas: “Y’all come!”