REH in Pop Culture

Robert E. Howard is omnipresent in modern American popular culture. Movies, comics, music, collecting — you name it, and chances are Howard is lurking within somewhere. Here are some links to material from these spheres.

REH Wallpaper: Some REH-related imagery that you can use as your Windows wallpaper.

The Road To Kull: James Van Hise provides us with some background on the creation of the ill-fated Kull motion picture starring Kevin Sorbo.

Kull: As Bad As We Feared: When Kull the Conqueror arrived in theatres, Howard fans were almost universally appalled. Here James Van Hise gives us the gruesome details of a film gone horribly wrong.

The Whole Wide World Image Gallery: This film won accolades when it appeared in 1996, and its stars have gone on to memorable Hollywood careers. Come on in and look at a sampling of screenshots from the movie.

The Whole Wide World Sound Gallery: Here are a series of sound clips from the film, suitable for use in any Windows sound scheme.

An Interview with Robert Weinberg: Robert Weinberg is a legendary collector and bookseller, and has been a good friend to Howard fandom for forty years. This interview was conducted on the occasion of his Guest of Honor appearance at Howard Days 2004.