Scholar Tools

REH researchers often refer to various databases assembled by REHupans and other scholars. Here are some of the most popular ones:

The Robert E. Howard Bookshelf: This magisterial effort by Rusty Burke is a near-complete listing of every book or author REH is known to have read or mentioned in his stories or correspondence. As such, it provides researchers with a wide range of sources to study for influence on Howard and his writings.

HowardWorks: A massive bibliographical database for Robert E. Howard, detailing nearly every appearance of his work in English. If you are a knowledgeable collector or just getting started reading REH, you’ll find everything you need here to point you towards the books you want. This website is not part of, but is run by Howard editor and collector Paul Herman.

REH Fiction and Verse Timeline: An early attempt by Rusty Burke to make a chronological list of when Howard wrote and submitted his various writings, along with when and where each was published during his lifetime. A bit out of date given all the new research that’s been done in the last decade, but still quite useful.

REH Goes to the Movies: A near-complete listing of every mention Howard made of what was during his time a new art form. All of his comments on various films and actors are represented. Compiled, of course, by Rusty Burke.

The Gustatory REH: Rusty Burke whets our appetites with a teasing sampler of REH quotes related to food. If you don’t head for the fridge after reading this, you’ve got strong willpower.

One Who Wrote Alone: Ed Waterman’s compilation of quotes about writing from REH himself, culled from Novalyne Price Ellis’ memoir One Who Walked Alone. A fascinating look into Howard’s techniques and work habits.

The Surviving Conan Typescripts: For many years now Patrice Louinet has been hard at work studying all of the extant typescripts of Robert E. Howard. Here he gives us a catalogue of all of the existing drafts and pages left to scholars.

The Last Celt REH Letter Citations: For decades people have read the uncited and combined letter quotations in The Last Celt and wanted to know which parts come from which letters. Ed Waterman does all of the hard work and provides us with a complete breakdown of where each letter begins and ends.

The Dark Storm Conan Chronology: What chronological order the Conan stories should be read in has long been debated among fans. In this essay, Dale Rippke provides new evidence and lines of speculation as he devises a brand-new chronology that fixes several problems with previous efforts by de Camp and others.

The original contract for A Gent from Bear Creek: British REHupan Danny Street hunted down the original contract for Howard’s first book, and convinced the owner to let him post it here for you to see. Check it out.