One Hundred Two-Gun Bobs


A milestone in support of the Legacy of Robert E. Howard happened recently within the pages of Dark Horse Comics’ Conan the Cimmerian title. Issue #9 marks the one hundredth appearance of  the fantastic comic strip THE ADVENTURES OF TWO-GUN BOB by Jim & Ruth Keegan.

In all of Dark Horse’s Robert E. Howard inspired comic books (Conan and all its various offshoot books, Solomon Kane, Kull, Pigeons from Hell, etc.), Jim & Ruth’s absolutely brilliant half-page comic strip detailing the life of REH has been present. Each strip uses either the words of Robert E. Howard as its text, or the words of people who actually knew REH, like Novalyne Price Ellis or Tevis Clyde Smith, as the basis for the mini-story line.

When Jim & Ruth combine their wonderful cartooning skills with the actual words of REH, the result is today’s most important pop culture presentation of the man who was Robert E. Howard. I’ve said this before, and I will continue to sing the praises of 2GB. The service and entertainment that Jim & Ruth provide all of Howard fandom with Two-Gun Bob cannot be adequately measured.

If you have not picked up a Dark Horse comic with THE ADVENTURES OF TWO-GUN BOB, shame on you! Jim & Ruth Keegan have indebted all of us with their marvelous talent, and as fans of REH, we all need to support this important work that spreads the Gospel According to , well – Two-Gun Bob!

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