Outlaws of Mars

 Paizo’s Planet Stories line has just released a long overdue reprint of Otis Adelbert Kline’s The Outlaws of Mars. Last year, they reprinted The Swordsman of Mars. These are a slice of pulp history. Swordsman was in Argosy in early 1933 while Outlaws was a quick follow up later the same year. If you like Edgar Rice Burroughs style sword and planet adventure, give these books a try. An added bonus is these books restore the original full text from Argosy. The Avalon hardbacks were cut and the Ace paperback editions used the Avalon text.

Otis Adelbert Kline was an important writer for Weird Tales magazine. E. Hoffmann Price once wrote that Kline and Howard had saved the magazine more than once. Kline knew fencing and incorporated that knowledge into his fiction. There is often a Douglas Fairbanks-Errol Flynn feel to these stories. Kline is interesting in that he wrote sword and planet, weird, a few westerns, detective, adventure, science fiction etc. He was a pulp generalist. Maybe we will see some sort of sampler of Kline’s fiction someday.

While you are ordering the Otis Adelbert Kline books, put in an order for the Paizo reprint of Robert E. Howard’s Almuric. My essay on Almuric entitled “The First Posthumous Collaborator” in which I look at clues at who finished the novel just came out in the December 2008 issue of The Cimmerian. Read Almuric and then read my essay.