REH Museum T-shirt Art Contest

There’s still plenty of time to get your T-shirt art entry to Arlene in Cross Plains! Check out this info again and get crackin’!

Arlene Stephenson, President of Project Pride in Cross Plains, Texas has announced that The ROBERT E. HOWARD MUSEUM Gift Shop is looking for a new t-shirt design for 2012.

Artists may submit their black and white designs to Arlene either digitally to or in hardcopy to Project Pride, POB 534, Cross Plains, TX 76443. Deadline is February 15, 2012. (Please send photocopies if submitting via mail – no original art, please.)

Entries should include the text: The Robert E. Howard Museum & Cross Plains, Texas shown somewhere prominently within the artwork, but the rest of the design is up to the individual artist. The rules of good taste prevail, of course: no violent depictions or nudity will be considered.

Artists will retain all rights to their artwork and if an individual’s artwork is chosen, it should be considered as a donation to the Robert E. Howard Museum.

Payment will be in the form of two “contributor’s copies” of the t-shirt plus the honor and glory of being the Howard House t-shirt artist!

The winning entry will be announced by March 1, 2012, with the new t-shirt shown here and on display for sale at the REH Museum soon after.