Horned Helmet Thursday

It is Thorsday, so time to put up a magazine with horned helmets on the cover.  This issue of Adventure is from August, 1943. The cover is for “The Forge of Olvir Bigmouth” by DeWitt Newbury. Newbury specialized in Viking stories in the 1940s and  was in magazines such as Adventure, Argosy, Thrilling Adventures, and Bluebook. As far as I know, none of Newbury’s Viking stories have been reprinted from the pulp magazines. This particular story is about Northmen vs. Wends.  Adventure at this time had a lot of WWII fiction but there were still some historical swashbucklers showing up. Lamb, Mundy, Arthur D. Howden Smith, Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur & Farnham Bishop were gone but there were some newer writers filling the pages. Georges Surdez, the king of French Foreign Legion stories was still in Adventure on a very regular basis at this time.  The era after editor Arthur Sullivant Hoffman stepped down is sometimes given short shrift.  Adventure was not the same magazine it had been 20 years earlier but it was still interesting.  The fiction in Adventure from this period was much faster moving that what you would find in the early 1920s when Robert E. Howard was reading it. In an alternate universe, you have R.E.H in Adventure at this time with covers like this. You will notice his friend, E. Hoffmann Price was in this issue.