Finn to be Howard Days Guest

Mark Finn at Howard Days 2006

Project Pride and the Robert E Howard Foundation have announced that this year’s Guest of Honor for Howard Days in Cross Plains, June 13-14, will be REHupa’s own Mark Finn!

Mark is, of course, the author of Blood & Thunder: The Life and Art of Robert E Howard (Monkeybrain Books, 2006), which not only won last year’s Cimmerian Award, The Atlantean, for best book by a single author, but was also nominated for Locus and World Fantasy Awards, as well. He has also written articles and essays for The Cimmerian, The Dark Man, and Dark Horse Comics, as well as a Cimmerian Award winning essay, “Fists of Robert E Howard,” in The Barbaric Triumph. Along with fellow REHupan Chris Gruber and ex-REHupan Leo Grin, Mark has worked tirelessly to promote Howard’s boxing stories as an important part of the Texas author’s ouevre.* He has even gone so far as to dramatize Steve Costigan tales with the Violet Crown Radio Players. (Be sure to check out their audio clips and CDs.)

Those who have met him know that, like so many writers, Mark is a shy, retiring sort — a real wallflower — so getting him to agree to be the Howard Days Guest of Honor was not easy. But with the support of his therapist and his lovely wife Cathy, who have been slowly easing him out of his shell, he agreed to try his best to mingle, and to see if he could get through a short talk at the Friday banquet. Don’t worry too much, Mark — your REHupa brethren are gonna be there for you! We know you’re gonna do a fine job!

[* Yes, even pulp writers can have an ouevre!]

REHupan Patrice Louinet répond: I hope Rehupans will come en masse to the rendez-vous in Cross Plains; lotsa familiar faces to be sure, and perhaps a sense of déja vu, but voilà, it will be nice and probably a bit outré.

But unless you really think American barbarism has entirely taken over the civilized world, it’s “Å“uvre“, not “ouevre”.

Rusty replies: Pardonnez-moi! And abject apologies to Mrs. Hooker, who struggled so mightily to get me through her French class!