Robert E. Howard Days 2010

Well, as visions of sugarplums dance out of your heads and start to two-step towards the warm (very warm!) thoughts of Texas in June, I’m here to let y’all know that we at REH Central (REHupa and the REH Foundation) are in the early stages of working with Project Pride and gearing up for Robert E. Howard Days 2010.

As the bloom wears off the rose of our new Holiday toys, we can now turn our attention to the activities of REH Days. Set aside June 11th and 12th, check your ammo and point your pony in the direction of Cross Plains, Texas, for at least two (and usually four) days chock full of Howard Mania.

The 2010 version of HD is geared towards The Illustrators of Robert E. Howard, and to that end we’ve invited Jim & Ruth Keegan to be our Guests of Honor. Jim & Ruth, in additon to being the fantastic Art Duo responsible for illustrating the Del Rey two-volume set of THE BEST OF ROBERT E. HOWARD and the upcoming EL BORAK The Desert Adventures, are the creators of The Adventures of Two-Gun Bob, the wonderful biographical graphic comic strip that appears in every edition of a REH title from Dark Horse Comics.

There is much more planned on the art side of programming, including an REH art display, at least one book, original drawings from pros like the Keegans, Gary Gianni, Mark Schultz (et al) to be auctioned off at the Banquet and sold at the Swap Meet – all for the benefit of the Howard House and Project Pride.

All the regular Howard activities are there as well: The REH House is open to all (as is the Gift Shop), there’ll be Walking and Bus Tours, Celebration Banquet & Silent Auction, Swap Meet, Caddo Peak BBQ, plus the great fellowship we afford each other in gathering and Talking ’bout Bob. The Poetry Throwdown is coming back in a revised, insect-free fashion, and this year we will present the First Annual Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards. Also, not all the panels are slanted to REH art, so there’ll be plenty of things going on to satisfy your Howard cravings.

The Robert E. Howard Days 2010 Information Page will be updated soon, and we’ll keep you posted as we revise it along the way. I wanted to get y’all to be thinking about the warmer days coming, filled with that good REH Fellowship we partake of every year. In the meantime, most of the basic information is still on the ’09 version (like hotels & such), so check that out. (A heads up: the folks who run the 36 West Motel in Cross Plains asked us this past HD to not contact them until March 1st for reservations, so be sure to mark that on your calendar – don’t everyone call at once!)

So start making your plans, check flight info, gather items to send to the Silent Auction and get ready for the Best Two Days in Howard Fandom. I’m looking forward to seeing y’all come to Texas in June!