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PCA Conference: Call for REH Papers

REH scholars Justin Everett and Dierdre Pettipiece have sent out the “Call for Papers” for the 2011 Popular Culture Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas, next April. This is open to everyone (you, too, can be an “Independent Scholar”) and is becoming a bigger deal each year. Now that both Howard’s popularity and importance in […]

Friending Imaro

It looks like everyone’s favorite Ilyassai warrior has found his way onto Facebook.  Charles Saunders’ epic hero now has his own fan club page where you can keep up with his latest adventures and those of his creator. Here is a recent update from Charles from the Facebook page on all the great fantasy fiction […]

George Scithers, 1929 – 2010

George Scithers, editor of Amra, the Conan and Sword and Sorcery fanzine and later the editor of the revived Weird Tales, passed away on April 19: Writer, editor, and publisher George H. Scithers passed away yesterday at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, from complications following a massive heart attack suffered the morning of April 17. […]

Steve Tompkins: Tribute to A Fallen REHupan

The late Steve Tompkins was a longtime member of REHupa.  While he was not an active member at the time of his death, being a REHupan is liking being a Marine, once you are a REHupan, you are a REHupan for life. Today is the first anniversary of his passing and the many remembrances and […]

The Big, Fat Fantasy Novel

There is an episode of the T.V. cartoon King of the Hill where Hank Hill’s wife, Peggy, buys a bookstore. Awkward son, Bobbie is looking through the shelves and discovers a whole shelf of at least 20 books. He pulls one off and say “Cleo the Huntress and the Elves of Evermore.” Before you know […]

Guest of Honor for PulpFest 2010 Announced

PulpFest 2009 replaced PulpCon last year and was an amazing success.  One of the organizers, Howard bookseller Mike Chomko has an update on this year’s event, which will be held at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Columbus, Ohio from July 30 through August 1. Here is Mike’s update: PulpFest 2010 is proud to announce that […]

Dwellers in the Mirage

Here is a 1965 Paperback Library edition of A. Merritt’s Dwellers in the Mirage. The battling warriors with horned helmets presages the big sword and sorcery boom that would begin in 1966 with the first Conan Lancer paperback. You don’t see this particular edition too often. Paperback Library editions have a tendency to fall apart […]

Windy City Pulp Con 2010

Like the Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu shown here, the 10th Annual Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention is just around the corner, or at least close enough to start making plans to attend! Keep April 23-25 open on your convention calendar and y’all come out to the Chicago suburb of Lombard. Check it all out […]

In Defense of Gary Romeo

All right, let’s everyone take a pill. I said I wasn’t going to get into this, but I can’t help myself. The Howard Community at large has recently been thrown into blazing-pistolas-brandishing-Bowie mode by some minor-league blogging by some woman who doesn’t have one freaking clue what she’s writing about: Maggie Van Ostrand wrote her […]

The Pulp Swordsmen: Tros of Samothrace

One of the great series from the pulp magazines in general and Adventure in particular is that of Tros of Samothrace.  Fritz Leiber does a good job of describing Tros: “A Greek mystic and man of action, who comes from the Aegean isle with his father to warn the Britons to resist Caesar at all […]