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REH Word of the Week: Gath

Map of the five royal Philistine cities. Gath is located to the right of the last letter “I” in Philistines noun 1. An ancient city of Palestine east-northeast of Gaza on which the ark brought calamity. . It was one of the five royal Philistine city-kingdoms and the home of Goliath. It occupied a strong position […]

REH Word of the Week: tout

noun 1. one who gives tips or solicits bets on a racehorse; one who solicits customers brazenly or persistently [origin: ca. 1853; Middle English tuten to peer; Old French tot, Compare Catalan tot, Italian tutto, Portuguese todo, Romanian tot, Spanish todo] HOWARD’S USAGE: I was a prince of China, lord of a million spears; You […]

Steve Tompkins: Tribute to A Fallen REHupan

The late Steve Tompkins was a longtime member of REHupa.  While he was not an active member at the time of his death, being a REHupan is liking being a Marine, once you are a REHupan, you are a REHupan for life. Today is the first anniversary of his passing and the many remembrances and […]

In Defense of Gary Romeo

All right, let’s everyone take a pill. I said I wasn’t going to get into this, but I can’t help myself. The Howard Community at large has recently been thrown into blazing-pistolas-brandishing-Bowie mode by some minor-league blogging by some woman who doesn’t have one freaking clue what she’s writing about: Maggie Van Ostrand wrote her […]

A Tribute to Joan McCowen

On Saturday, December 6, the Cross Plains Public Library is honoring Joan McCowen for her many years of dedication and service. Joan was a member of the original board that incorporated the library in 1978 (it opened its doors in February 1979), and she has served in various capacities for the past thirty years, as […]

Muchas Gracias, Leo Grin!

The title says it all. Mr. Leo Grin, the tall, handsome and humble REHupa webmaster, has passed on the reins of this site. After over eight years of tireless and stalwart behind-the-scenes work here, to say nothing of his unbelieveable generosity in footing all the bills, Leo has decided to move on. (Read: lighten his load […]

Alton McCowen

I received a phone call this morning from Susan McNeel with the bad news that Alton McCowen had died yesterday of an aneurysm. I met Alton in 1986 during the first REHupa trip to Cross Plains. I’d met his wife, Joan, a few months beforehand, when I stopped in Cross Plains to scout out what […]

A Howard Fan’s Journey to the 21st Century: Part 2

Wow, I hadn’t intended this much time to elapse between blog posts! A combination of working on taxes in March, writing an essay for a symposium for the April issue of The Cimmerian, and then following up with something for the next issue of Two Gun Raconteur ate up two and a half months. Anyway, […]

Son of a Blog! (of Black Indy)

The coffee’s in the process of brewing right now, and while I’m waiting I’ll get started in the process of getting my blogging in some sort of working order. I hope to fall into some sort of schedule here, and would encourage my fellow bloggers to do the same, but I can’t wield the whip […]

A Howard Fan’s Journey into the 21st Century: Part 1

This is my first post to the new updated REHupa blog. My connection to Robert E. Howard goes back to 1980. I was a junior in high school (Cathedral Prep in Erie, PA) and my English teacher had our class read J. R. R. Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring. I had been reading a steady […]