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The Robert E. Howard Foundation

Posted by indy on 23rd September 2014

Here’s a quick news release item for you. The Robert E. Howard Foundation has changed their mailing address. All correspondence may now be addressed to:

Robert E. Howard Foundation, PO Box 2641, Sugar Land, TX, 77487-2641.

The web site remains the same at:

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Tom Gianni Special Guest at Howard Days

Posted by indy on 6th May 2014

Gianni Fists

Robert E. Howard Days is happy to announce that Tom Gianni will be a Featured Attendee at Howard Days this year.

Tom is the cover artist for four REHF Press volumes of Howard’s work: FISTS OF IRON (Boxing stories, Vols. 1 and 2 so far), PIRATE ADVENTURES and WESTERN TALES. He has been nominated for the REH Foundation Rankin Award, which honors the best in artwork in the Howard Community for 2013. (Winners will be announced on Friday June 13).

Tom will be in Cross Plains and will have original art and prints available that you may add to your collection. He will also appear on at least one panel and will be signing as many books as he can before his hand wears out! Tom is graciously donating an original sketch for the Silent Auction held at the Celebration Banquet on Friday evening.

Please visit his website: GIANNIART.COM.

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A Primer (of sorts) for Howard Days

Posted by indy on 2nd April 2014

The theme of Howard Days this year is Howard History, which relates to how much REH enjoyed re-writing history in the “guise of fiction”. The panels at HD this year will reflect that, and shown above is a new publication from the REH Foundation Press that could almost act as a primer for those attending Howard Days this year.

The SPEARS OF CLONTARF Typescript: Early Draft is now available through the REH Foundation’s website and will show you the way Bob Howard did indeed re-write historical events. For a fascinating facsimile look at an original REH typescript plus other goodies in a spiffy package, here’s the info:

To help celebrate the 1,000-year anniversary of the historic Battle of Clontarf—and Robert E. Howard’s interest in it—the REH Foundation is offering a facsimile version of an early draft of “Spears of Clontarf.” Also included is Howard’s letter to publisher Harry Bates and an introduction by Rusty Burke. Printed and shipped from Lulu printing, the paperback book is 8.5 X 11, perfect bound, with 36 pages. Cover art by John Watkiss.

Ordering information:

U.S. and Canadian residents pay $20 (REHF members $18), which includes postage.
Non-US residents pay $27 (REHF members $24), which includes postage.
Lulu shipping does not offer insurance, but if you would like tracking information on your order, U.S. and Canadian orders add $5; all others add $10.
To order, pay directly via PayPal at their website, Send the appropriate amount to Be sure to include a note explaining your order. To order via check (personal or cashier’s) or money order send to: The REH Foundation Press, PO Box 251242, Plano, TX 75025. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE IN US DOLLARS. Be sure that all the necessary shipping information is included and accurate. NO FOREIGN MONEY ORDERS. Books will not be shipped prior to checks clearing the bank. If you have any questions or comments regarding pricing or shipping, please contact us at

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Robert E. Howard Days 2014 Guest of Honor: Patrice Louinet

Posted by indy on 16th January 2014

The Robert E. Howard Foundation, REHupa and Project Pride of Cross Plains, Texas are most pleased to announce that Patrice Louinet is the 2014 Guest of Honor at REH Days, in Cross Plains on June 13 & 14.

Mr. Louinet’s name is easily recognized by Howard fans everywhere as being one of the premier scholars in Robert E. Howard studies. From his first “real” essay in The Dark Man #4 to his editing, essay and preparation work on Wandering Star’s The Ultimate Triumph, The Coming of Conan and The Bloody Crown of Conan, along with Del Rey’s The Conquering Sword of Conan and volumes for the REH Foundation Press, Patrice has been a major factor in the revival of not only Howard’s work but of the ongoing REH scholarship.

Well, what has he done for us lately, you ask? I’ll let him explain: “I am equally proud of what I have been doing here, to wit: I have edited and translated 10 Howard books so far, with the 11th in the works (and should be published around June) with Editions Bragelonne. My work on that series (ie translations, intros and essays) earned me the ‘Special Award’ of the Imaginales in 2012, the Imaginales being France’s most important festival/con in the Fantasy genre. Spreading the Good Word in every conceivable way I can think of, I was heavily involved in the audio edition of the Howard books, have been writing and developing a documentary on Bob H. for the past year, have spoken REH at La Sorbonne, on national tee-vee and radio and am the co-creator of”

Patrice also mentions that there should be a number of major announcements in the next few days/weeks so he’ll be adding to this list. Quite a bio for quite a Guest of Honor!

Robert E. Howard Days 2014 is shaping up to be a really good one, so start making your plans to join us in Cross Plains June 13th & 14th for two days of the very best time in Howard Fandom. We’ll be getting the REH DAYS 2014 information up & running soon. Check back here periodically and also look to the Robert E. Howard Facebook page, along with,,, and others.

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Hoffman is Howard Days GOH

Posted by Rusty Burke on 9th January 2012

The Robert E Howard Foundation, The Robert E Howard United Press Association, and Project Pride are pleased to announce that Charles Hoffman has accepted our invitation to be Guest of Honor at Robert E. Howard Days in June 2012.

Chuck is one of the most formidable essayists in Howard studies. His “Conan the Existentialist,” which appeared in Amra 61 (March 1974), was the opening salvo of what has come to be called “the new criticism” of Howard, criticism that took him seriously as a writer whose work had depth and substance along with the excitement and adventure. Prior to that essay, most Howard “criticism” consisted of book reviews (though some, like those of Schuyler Miller and Fritz Leiber, showed real insight) or introductions by fans who failed to take him seriously (John D. Clark famously proclaiming, “Don’t look for hidden philosophical meanings or intellectual puzzles in these yarns–they aren’t there.”). Chuck showed that Howard could not only provide rousing action, but rewarded closer reading as well. Patrice Louinet says, “‘Conan the Existentialist’ is the essay that made me want to study & write about Howard. It was a pure revelation.”

Chuck co-authored, with his long-time friend Marc Cerasini, Robert E. Howard: Starmont Reader’s Guide 35, a book that remains the most impressive critical overview of Howard’s entire corpus. A revised edition, originally planned for publication in 2006, is expected from the REH Foundation Press in 2012. (There’s a fine interview with Chuck and Marc, conducted by Steve Tompkins, over at the Cimmerian Blog archive.) Chuck and Marc also edited the first two issues of the journal Cromlech, the first periodical publication devoted to serious scholarship and criticism of REH. Determined that Howard studies should have a continuing vehicle for such work, I used Cromlech as my model when I started The Dark Man.

Chuck has written a number of acclaimed essays on Howard’s work, several of which you can read at his blog (which he hasn’t updated in a very long time, something I hope he will be prompted to remedy soon). You’ll have to dig back into his archive, but it’s worth the effort. It was due to my profound respect for his body of work that I asked Chuck to provide the essay, “Robert E. Howard: Twentieth-Century Mythmaker,” for the first volume of The Best of Robert E. Howard (Del Rey).

Make your plans now to attend Howard Days in Cross Plains, Texas, June 8-9, 2012, and take advantage of this all-too-rare opportunity to meet one of the towering figures of Howard studies!

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REH Word of the Week: ambergris

Posted by Jeff Shanks on 16th August 2011









1. a waxy substance consisting mainly of cholesterol secreted by the intestinal tract of the sperm whale and often found floating in the sea; used in the manufacture of perfumes

[origin: Middle English, from Old French ambre gris, “gray amber”]


“Lady, hell!” bleated Harrigan. “Do you know what she just did? Threw away my chart! The only dash-blank chart in the world that could show me how to find the island of Aragoa!”

“Was we goin’ there, cap’n?” asked the bos’n.

“Yes, we was!” yelled Harrigan. “And what for? I’ll tell you! Ambergris. A barrel full! At thirty-two dollars an ounce! You bilge-rats been grousin’ to know where we were sailin’ to–all right, I’ll tell you! And then I’m goin’ to tie that wench up and skin her stern with a rope’s end!

“A few months ago a blackbirder bound for Australia went on a reef in a storm, off a desert island, and nobody but the mate got ashore alive. They’d found a mess of the stuff floatin’ on the water, and filled a big barrel with it–and it floated ashore with him. The mate stood the solitude of the island as long as he could, and then took to sea in the ship’s boat he’d patched up. He’d salvaged a chart and marked the island’s position. He’d been weeks at sea when I picked him up, on my last voyage from Honolulu to Brisbane. He was ravin’ and let slip about the ambergris–I mean he was that grateful to me for savin’ him he told me all about it, and gimme the chart for safekeepin’, and right after that he got delirious and fell overboard and drowned–”

[From “The Girl on the Hell Ship,” originally published as “She Devil” in Spicy Adventure April 1936. The complete story can be found in the forthcoming volume Spicy Adventures, which can now be pre-ordered from the REH Foundation.]

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Add Some Spice to Your Life

Posted by indy on 14th August 2011

Rob Roehm, the Hardest Working Man in Howard Fandom, has announced that pre-orders are now being taken for the newest volume from the REH Foundation press, SPICY ADVENTURES. This is the much anticipated collection of REH’s more titillating (heh) writings and features a Yowsa! cover by Jim & Ruth Keegan.

Click your way on over to for all the pertinent information and pick yourselves up one of these great additions to your REH Press collection.

Here’s the table of contents:

Introduction by Patrice Louinet

The Girl on the Hell Ship (aka “She-Devil”)
Ship in Mutiny
Desert Blood
The Purple Heart of Erlik
The Dragon of Kao Tsu
Murderer’s Grog
Guns of Khartum
Daughters of Feud


Untitled Synopsis (“John Gorman . . .”)
The Girl on the Hell Ship—draft
Untitled Synopsis (Ship in Mutiny)
Ship in Mutiny—draft
List of Characters (Desert Blood)
Untitled Synopsis (The Purple Heart of Erlik)
Untitled Synopsis (Daughters of Feud)

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