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He Was Our Great and Gracious Friend

Posted by indy on 8th January 2012

“Thanks for everything you did for me, Glenn.”

“All fled – all done, so lift me on the pyre; The Feast is over and the lamps expire.”

I always think of this famous couplet found in Robert E. Howard’s billfold after his passing  whenever there is a death that affects my life.

Now that we mourn the loss of Glenn Lord I thought of how it applies to us now. While we all are profoundly sad at Glenn’s passing, realize that the Feast is not over – we sit at a bountiful table set by Glenn Lord. And we can honor Glenn’s legacy by never letting the lamp expire.

Rest in Peace, Glenn Lord – Our Great and Gracious Friend.

Bill Cavalier



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Glenn Lord Funeral Service Arrangements

Posted by Barbara Barrett on 3rd January 2012

The funeral service for Glenn Lord will be held on Thursday, January 5th, at 10:00 a.m. at the Rosewood Funeral Home:

3939 Pasadena Boulevard
Pasadena, Texas.
Phone: (713) 920-2171
Website: (for directions)

There will also be a viewing on Wednesday evening, January 4th, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

A meal will be served by the church after the service. In order to give the family an accurate headcount, please contact Damon Sasser at if you plan to attend.

Also, there will be a location on the funeral home’s website later today specifically for Glenn Lord where you can leave your comments. Once that’s up, the link will be posted on the REH Two-Gun Raconteur website:

Damon’s website also contains a number of links for Glenn Lord tributes.


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Glenn Lord Has Passed Away

Posted by indy on 1st January 2012

We’ve just received word that our Friend and Mentor Glenn Lord passed away today.

Updates and information will certainly follow when we have more details.

What an incredibly sad way to end 2011. Rest in Peace, Glenn.

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Happy Birthday to Glenn Lord!

Posted by Rusty Burke on 18th November 2011

Glenn Lord, the father of Howard fandom and scholarship, celebrated his 80th birthday on November 17, and a number of Howard fans will join him to continue the celebration on the 19th. We celebrate not only one of the nicest and finest men who have ever graced this earth, but also the towering figure in Robert E. Howard’s literary afterlife. It was Glenn who shepherded nearly all of Howard’s work into print, and who worked with young fanzine editors — and the Official Editor of a nascent Robert E Howard United Press Association — to create what we know today as Howard Fandom. From his tireless efforts to track down and publish all of Howard’s poetry (of course, it turned out that Always Comes Evening barely scratched the surface, but it served to bring all the others to light, and is still arguably the finest single collection of REH’s verse), to his pivotal journal The Howard Collector (celebrating its 50th birthday this year, still considered to be The Standard for Howard zines), to his landmark Howard bio-bibliography The Last Celt, to his unwavering assistance behind the scenes to anyone engaged in Howard publishing and scholarship, Glenn has long been the glue that holds us all together. Let’s hope he will be doing so for years to come!

Dennis McHaney’s fine Anniversary: Glenn Lord and the Howard Collector, containing tributes from Don Herron, Morgan Holmes, Roy Thomas, Dennis McHaney, Patrice Louinet, Fred Blosser, James Reasoner, Frank Coffman, Rusty Burke, Leo Grin, Paul Herman, Bill Cavalier, Damon Sasser, Barbara Barrett, and Rob Roehm, a history of The Howard Collector with index by McHaney, and five works of Howard fiction from the pages of that journal, is available in both hardback and paperback from


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The Howard Collector is back!

Posted by indy on 15th June 2011

The erudite Mr. Paul Herman asked me to post this. Dennis McHaney surprised the audience at the Banquet on Friday night at Howard Days with this announcement. One of the coolest events at a Howard Days filled with cool events!

That’s right, after 28 years of quiet, THE HOWARD COLLECTOR, the first and greatest REH journal, has returned. Started by Glenn Lord in 1961, THC served as a venue for REH studies, and set the standard for REH periodicals. Collecting rare and previously unpublished REH stories, poems and letters, along with book reviews, and interesting historical information from REH’s friends and associates, THC was uniquely situated to provide the best of everything. Glenn acquired the famed Trunk of lost materials, and he served as the literary agent for the REH heirs for more than 30 years. Glenn also tracked down and visited with several of REH’s friends, and accordingly gaining access to even more material. AND finally, Glenn is the kind of person who crafts a book with class, subtlety, and care, to create a book without silly flash, just great meat on them bones.

THC ran for 18 issues, ending in 1973, as Glenn got too busy with the business of REH to deal with cranking out a fanzine. Those original 18 issues are now highly collectable, and contain all sorts of rare and interesting REH works and discussion. Go check them out on eBay, sometime, and see the prices these fetch.

Glenn has been retired from the world of REH for more than a decade now. But Dennis McHaney had the idea of seeing if Glenn would be interested in doing another issue in his spare time. A group of us chatted with Glenn, and he decided to do it. With the kind permission of Paradox, and the efforts of a few friends (including Rob Roehm), the latest issue is now available. A LOT of research and work went into trying to properly match fonts, styles, paper, etc. Contents include an introduction by Glenn Lord, a previously unpublished REH poem, a previously unpublished REH drawing, a previously unpublished Breck Elkins fragment, and the infamous first draft of “Black Canaan”, the one that REH said the editors “cut the guts out of”. The guts are back in. And finally some book reviews by the great Fred Blosser.

The print run is limited to 200 copies total. The book is a fat 52 pages, and sells for $20. As Glenn has better things to do, I’m handling the shipping. Shipping in the US is $3 First Class, $6 Priority. Insurance is $2. For non-US destinations, please contact me at Checks or money orders can be sent to:

Paul Herman
PO Box 250526
Plano, TX 75025

or PayPal to Profits go to Glenn.

Note this book was debuted and on sale for a couple hours in Cross Plains, and that sold about a third of them, without many folks even getting to see it. When they are gone they are gone.

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A Tribute to Glenn Lord

Posted by indy on 23rd May 2011

Like I was sayin’…Robert E. Howard Days always has all kinds of neat little surprises happening that attendees get first crack at. This year is no different, and now we have a second book making it’s debut at this year’s festivities.

Howard Days 2011 Co-Guest of Honor Dennis McHaney is bringing Anniversary: A Tribute to Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector. This McHaney authored & edited anthology is filled not only with tributes to our Howard Mentor, Glenn Lord, but it also contains a history of Glenn’s seminal Howard magazine, The Howard Collector. For the hardcore collector, five REH stories that appeared within the pages of THC are also reprinted in this volume. Contributors to this Anniversary Anthology include: Don Herron, Morgan Holmes, Roy Thomas, Dennis McHaney, Patrice Louinet, Fred Blosser, James Reasoner, Frank Coffman, Rusty Burke, Leo Grin, Paul Herman, Bill Cavalier, Damon Sasser, Barbara Barrett and Rob Roehm. Wow, quite a line-up to sing the praises of the World’s #1 REH Fan, Mr. Glenn Lord!

The first printing of 50 copies of Anniversary will be available to contributors and attendees only at Howard Days 2011 in Cross Plains. The book will then go on sale via Lulu on the Monday following HD for the great price of $20.

And while I’d like to show y’all the cover to this exciting tribute volume, Dennis is keeping it under wraps until Howard Days. He assures me it is wonderful – and that’s a pretty good description of our friend Glenn Lord, too.

See you in Texas in two weeks!

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