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Robert E. Howard Days 2015

ROBERT E. HOWARD DAYS 2015 – Here Before You Know It! The annual Robert E. Howard Days celebration will take place at the REH Museum in Cross Plains, Texas, on June 12th & 13th, 2015. Sponsored by Project Pride of Cross Plains, REHupa and the Robert E. Howard Foundation, the two-day event promises once again […]

Home Stretch for Howard Days!

Three and a half weeks and counting! Howard Days will be here before we know it but the’s still time to make plans to come down for the Two Best Days in Howard Fandom! If you haven’t already registered, there’s still seating available at the Friday night Celebration Banquet. Not only will you have a […]

Tom Gianni Special Guest at Howard Days

Robert E. Howard Days is happy to announce that Tom Gianni will be a Featured Attendee at Howard Days this year. Tom is the cover artist for four REHF Press volumes of Howard’s work: FISTS OF IRON (Boxing stories, Vols. 1 and 2 so far), PIRATE ADVENTURES and WESTERN TALES. He has been nominated for […]

Donations Needed for the REH Silent Auction

One of the highlights of Robert E. Howard Days every year is the wonderful Celebration Banquet that Project Pride throws for all the registered attendees. Along with the great Texas grub and fine dinner conversation, Guest of Honor Patrice Louinet will present a short talk about his involvement with REH. But, if a highlight can have a […]

Help Out the House

The Robert E. Howard Museum in Cross Plains, Texas, is in need of a little help! Repairs are almost constantly needed for this 100+ year old structure. Some of you fine folks in Howard Fandom have started a grassroots effort to Help out the House by sending them a couple of bucks for upkeep, repairs […]

Robert E. Howard Days 2014 Guest of Honor: Patrice Louinet

The Robert E. Howard Foundation, REHupa and Project Pride of Cross Plains, Texas are most pleased to announce that Patrice Louinet is the 2014 Guest of Honor at REH Days, in Cross Plains on June 13 & 14. Mr. Louinet’s name is easily recognized by Howard fans everywhere as being one of the premier scholars in […]

REH Days is A-Comin’!

Hope you’ve been making your plans to get on down to Cross Plains, Texas June 7-8 for The Best Two Days in Howard Fandom! Almost all of the info you need to know about Howard Days can be found by clicking the little REH DAYS 2013 tab at the top of this page. I’ve got […]

Robert E. Howard Days 2013 Schedule

For those of you clamoring for information (I can hear you clamoring out there!), here’s a summary look at what we have scheduled for Howard Days this year. The basic theme of Howard Days this year is REH in the Comics. We have at least three panels where the impact of REH in comic books […]

Robert E. Howard Days 2013

  Robert E. Howard Days will take place June 7-8, 2013, at the the Robert E. Howard House & Museum in Cross Plains, Texas. This annual gathering of fans of Ol’ Two-Gun Bob Howard is presented by the fine folks of Project Pride of Cross Plains, sponsored by the Robert E. Howard Foundation with the […]

It’s Time for Howard Days!

Saddle up your palomino, check the saddle bags, keep your powder dry and slap the Bowie on the whetstone – it’s time for Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains, Texas! The best two days in REH Fandom will commence officially on Friday June 8th, but there’s a whole passle of folks who arrive on […]