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A Full Moon and Porch Light Poetry

    On June 13th, the first day of REH Days, Mother Nature has seen fit to grace us with a full moon. Now, if we follow along that this is FRIDAY the 13th, the moon is FULL and that Bob Howard wrote for a magazine with WEIRD  in its title – well, this may be an evening of cosmic […]

Southwestern Discomfit: An Analysis of Gary Romeo’s Controversial Article on Robert E. Howard and Racism

by Mark Finn Author’s Note: I am indebted to fellow scholars Jess Nevins, Rob Roehm, and Barbara Barrett for their comments and also in the sharing of their research with me in the rewriting of this paper. MF Introduction REHupa #173 was a watershed mailing, way back in February 2002, for a number of reasons. […]

REH Word of the Week: caballero

noun 1. a Spanish gentleman; a cavalier 2. a man who is skilled in riding and managing horses; a horseman. [from Spanish: gentleman, horseman, from Late Latin caballārius rider, horse groom, from caballus horse] HOWARD’S USAGE: Then Steve yelped in exultation as his pick rang on a bit of metal. He snatched it up and […]

The Singer in the Mist – New Book of REH’s Weird Tales Poetry

Copies of this new collection of all of Howard’s poetry that appeared in Weird  Tales are currently listed on eBay by bookseller Realms of Fantasy Books.  The book is a UK publication from Stanza Press. Here are the details: When the history of fantasy and horror fiction is being discussed, the pulp magazine Weird Tales is […]

Howard Scholarship – The Real Deal

To say that Howard Scholarship has come a long way in the last 12 years borders on hyperbole, but in the interest of REH getting his just due, check out these Calls for Papers from Justin Everett. (Note that there are two separate calls for proposals): CALL FOR PROPOSALS FOR A PROPOSED SESSION ON HEROISM AND VILLAINY […]

Edmond Hamilton Day

Saturday, July 18 was the day for the first Edmond Hamilton Day held in Kinsman, Ohio. Edmond Hamilton (1904-1977) was a colleague of Robert E. Howard, appearing in Weird Tales from 1936-1948 with 76 stories. There were six multi-part novellas and novels such as “The Lake of Life,” “The Time Raider,” “Outside the Universe,” “Across Space,” […]