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Home Stretch for Howard Days!

Posted by indy on 19th May 2014

Serape 3

Three and a half weeks and counting! Howard Days will be here before we know it but the’s still time to make plans to come down for the Two Best Days in Howard Fandom!

If you haven’t already registered, there’s still seating available at the Friday night Celebration Banquet. Not only will you have a great Texas meal, listen to our 2014 Guest of Honor Patrice Louinet and his wonderful French accent and hob nob with Howard fans from all over the world – you’ll have a chance to bid on all kinds of neat Robert E. Howard items in the Silent Auction.

But to insure the Auction (of which 100% of the proceeds go directly to supporting the REH Museum) is of the usual great quality, we still need your help. If you do have any Robert E. Howard items that you might like to donate, now’s the time to send them to:

Project Pride/REH Silent Auction, POB 534, Cross Plains, TX 76443

This is also the address to use for registration (only $15.00 per person for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday) or you can use PayPal:

Please help us make Robert E. Howard Days just a little bit more special while helping out the Legacy of Ol’ Two-Gun Bob Howard! It is much appreciated! Hope to see you there!

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Howard Days is a Month Away!

Posted by indy on 14th May 2014



We’ve got a month to go. Thanks to Marty Van Dyke over on Facebook for providing this image. The REH DAYS 2014 tab at the top of the page is still the place for the most complete info on Howard Days, but please check the Howard Days page on Facebook and for continuing information.

Hope to see y’all soon!

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Donations Needed for the REH Silent Auction

Posted by indy on 18th April 2014

One of the highlights of Robert E. Howard Days every year is the wonderful Celebration Banquet that Project Pride throws for all the registered attendees. Along with the great Texas grub and fine dinner conversation, Guest of Honor Patrice Louinet will present a short talk about his involvement with REH.
But, if a highlight can have a highlight, the REH Silent Auction is it! Held in conjunction with the dinner at the Cross Plains Community Center, the Auction features scores of Robert E. Howard items for your silent bidding. There is always a wide selection of unique and eclectic Howard items: books, magazines, fanzines, chapbooks, statues, posters, original art, videos & cd’s, comic books and so on – an amazing array of Robert E. Howard stuff! Shown above is a relief carving I did a few years ago that has been recycled twice! (I bought it back for myself last year!) One year there was an original, large hand-drawn map of the Hyborian World and you will always fine some rare REH collectible among all of the esoteric offerings. You never know what will be there, which is a HUGE part of the fun – especially when friendly bidding wars ensue!
But all this fun of a Silent Auction can’t happen without your generous donation. Now’s the time to go through your Howard collection and see if there’s something you could donate to the Silent Auction. All of the money from the Silent Auction goesdirectly towards the upkeep of the Robert E. Howard Museum. It’s a great way for you to not only share some of your extra Howard stuff with the world but you will continue to insure the Legacy of REH. Winner winner chicken-fried steak dinner!
So, with eight weeks to go until Howard Days, now’s the time to gather up those Howard items and send them to: REH Silent Auction c/o Project Pride, POB 534, Cross Plains, TX 76443. You’ll be glad you did (the donations are tax-deductible), just not as glad as the folks doing the bidding!


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Robert E. Howard Days 2014 Updates!

Posted by indy on 22nd March 2014

The REH DAYS 2014 Information Page is alive and kicking! Click on the REH DAYS 2014 tab at the top of this page and you’ll get (almost) all the info you’ll need to know about The Best Two Days in Robert E. Howard Fandom!

All the favorite activities are still in place for the June 13-14 event: the Howard Museum and Pavilion in Cross Plains are open to all, the Gift Shop is open as well, there are a total of seven panels that cover fan and scholarly endeavors and the Bus Tour of Cross Plains & surrounding environs happens on Friday. You can get a special REH Days postal cancellation at the CP Post Office, there’s a REH Swap Meet both days at the Pavilion, a Silent Auction at the Celebration Banquet Friday night and an authentic Texas chuck wagon BBQ at the Caddo Peak Ranch Saturday evening. The award-winning Cross Plains Public Library will be open: you can view their stellar REH collection and view the actual typewritten manuscripts that Bob Howard produced on his Underwood #5 a few blocks away! We also celebrate his poetic words by reading them aloud from the very front porch of the house where they were written!

Our Guest of Honor for HD 2014 is Patrice Louinet, one of the finest REH scholars in the world! Join Patrice and a number of other familiar names in Howard Fandom as they share not only their knowledge of Ol’ Two-Gun but their friendship and good humor in the warm, welcoming environs of Cross Plains, Texas.

But the best part of Howard Days is the sharing of fellowship for those who have gathered to honor Robert E. Howard’s storied legacy. Howard Days has become a family reunion of sorts for so many folks, where new friendships are forged and old ones renewed. We can walk the grounds and view the exact spot from which Robert E. Howard transformed the dry Texas dust into so many fantastic worlds of adventure. If you’ve enjoyed REH at all, visiting his home during Howard Days is not only a fine tribute to him but also a wonderful weekend adventure you won’t soon forget!

So check out the REH Days page and we hope you can make it for two days of fun, fellowship and festivities! Y’all come!

P.S. Visit the REH Days Facebook page too! We’re also going to start up a dedicated REH Days blog so stay tuned for more info!


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Happy Birthday, Ol’ Two-Gun!

Posted by indy on 22nd January 2014

January 22nd marks the 108th anniversary of the birth of Robert E. Howard.

Let’s everyone raise a toast of our favorite libation to his memory and honor the Legacy of what he left us by reading some of his words. You won’t go wrong on either account!

Happy birthday, Bob!

Serape 3

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Robert E. Howard Days 2014 Guest of Honor: Patrice Louinet

Posted by indy on 16th January 2014

The Robert E. Howard Foundation, REHupa and Project Pride of Cross Plains, Texas are most pleased to announce that Patrice Louinet is the 2014 Guest of Honor at REH Days, in Cross Plains on June 13 & 14.

Mr. Louinet’s name is easily recognized by Howard fans everywhere as being one of the premier scholars in Robert E. Howard studies. From his first “real” essay in The Dark Man #4 to his editing, essay and preparation work on Wandering Star’s The Ultimate Triumph, The Coming of Conan and The Bloody Crown of Conan, along with Del Rey’s The Conquering Sword of Conan and volumes for the REH Foundation Press, Patrice has been a major factor in the revival of not only Howard’s work but of the ongoing REH scholarship.

Well, what has he done for us lately, you ask? I’ll let him explain: “I am equally proud of what I have been doing here, to wit: I have edited and translated 10 Howard books so far, with the 11th in the works (and should be published around June) with Editions Bragelonne. My work on that series (ie translations, intros and essays) earned me the ‘Special Award’ of the Imaginales in 2012, the Imaginales being France’s most important festival/con in the Fantasy genre. Spreading the Good Word in every conceivable way I can think of, I was heavily involved in the audio edition of the Howard books, have been writing and developing a documentary on Bob H. for the past year, have spoken REH at La Sorbonne, on national tee-vee and radio and am the co-creator of”

Patrice also mentions that there should be a number of major announcements in the next few days/weeks so he’ll be adding to this list. Quite a bio for quite a Guest of Honor!

Robert E. Howard Days 2014 is shaping up to be a really good one, so start making your plans to join us in Cross Plains June 13th & 14th for two days of the very best time in Howard Fandom. We’ll be getting the REH DAYS 2014 information up & running soon. Check back here periodically and also look to the Robert E. Howard Facebook page, along with,,, and others.

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Robert E. Howard Days 2013

Posted by indy on 17th February 2013


Robert E. Howard Days will take place June 7-8, 2013, at the the Robert E. Howard House & Museum in Cross Plains, Texas.

This annual gathering of fans of Ol’ Two-Gun Bob Howard is presented by the fine folks of Project Pride of Cross Plains, sponsored by the Robert E. Howard Foundation with the help of the members of REHupa, the Robert E. Howard United Press Association.

The REH Foundation is proud to announce the 2013 Guest of Honor is Tim Truman, artist and author from Dark Horse Comics. Tim is currently at work on adapting The Hour of the Dragon for Dark Horse.

All of the regularly scheduled events will be taking place again this year: the Howard House and Gift Shop open on Friday & Saturday (and for a short while on Thursday), panels of interest to everyone, the Friday night Celebration Banquet and Silent Auction, the special postal cancellation, the REH Swap Meet at the Pavilion, bus tours of the town + surrounding area, the Saturday night Barbeque at the Caddo Peak Ranch, plus (maybe most importantly) the gathering of friends and fans to honor the Legacy of REH.

Cross Plains Barbarian Days is also that Saturday, and the REH Foundation will host a Legacy Circle Members Luncheon.

The detailed information will be posted soon here and at the REH Foundation site as well as at the Conan Forum and Two-Gun Raconteur.

But now’s the time to make your plans on being there for the best 2+ days in Howard Fandom. If you’re a returning attendee, you know what a great time it is – and if you’ve never been, come to Cross Plains and find out! There’s plenty of room for everyone – it’s TEXAS!

Hope to see you there. We’re in the process of getting the details ironed out, so check back soon. Any questions? Let me know at

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Happy Birthday Ol’ Two-Gun

Posted by indy on 22nd January 2013

Today is the 107th anniversary of the birth of Robert E. Howard, or Ol’ Two-Gun as he is know to some of us!

Raise a glass and read some Howard today and think about all the good things both endeavors have brought to our lives!

Here’s to you, Ol’ Two-Gun Bob Howard. Thanks for all the words!

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Posted by indy on 5th March 2012

Robert E. Howard Days 2012 is happening June 8th and 9th in Cross Plains, Texas, and we’d surely like to see you there! This annual festival to celebrate the life and work of Ol’ Two-Gun Bob Howard features the gathering of Howard fans from all over the world at the very spot where he created all of his marvelous work.

Project Pride of Cross Plains, The Robert E. Howard Foundation and the Robert E. Howard United Press Association join forces each June to present two days of REH fellowship and everyone is invited. Come and enjoy tours of the Howard House and the town of Cross Plains, a Bus Tour, a Banquet and a Barbeque, panels, a silent auction, swap meet, a commemorative postal cancellation, plus some special events – and best of all, the opportunity to gather with fellow Howard fans to celebrate his life and legacy.

This years is the 80th anniversary of the birth of REH’s most famous creation, Conan of Cimmeria, and we’re having a party! While nobody knows the words to Happy Birthday in the original Cimmerian tongue, there will be cake! (Without the 80 candles – too much of a fire hazard!)

So make plans to join us in Cross Plains June 8th and 9th. I’m in the process of getting the fully detailed schedule together, but all of the usual fun activities continue this year. Here’s a short schedule so you can start planning. Hope to see you there!



8:30 – 9 am: Coffee and donuts at the Pavilion, compliments of Project Pride

9 am – 4 pm: Robert E. Howard House Museum open to the public.

9 am – 4 pm: REH Postal Cancellation at Cross Plains Post Office

9 am – 11 am: Bus Tour of Cross Plains

10 am – 5 pm: Cross Plains Public Library open

11:00: PANEL: Glenn Lord Tribute

Noon: Lunch hosted by Project Pride. Donations Welcome.

11:00 am to 4 pm: Pavilion available for REH items Swap Meet

1:00 pm: PANEL: Conan the Existentialist

2:30 pm: PANEL: Conan’s Birthday!

5:30 – 6:30: Silent Auction items available for viewing & bidding at Banquet site

6:30: Robert E. Howard Celebration Banquet & Silent Auction at the Cross Plains Community Center

Following the Banquet & Silent Auction: The Third Annual Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards at the Cross Plains Community Center

Afterward there will be some extemporaneous REH Poetry Reading at the Pavilion.


9 am – 4 pm: Robert E. Howard House Museum open to the public.

9 am – 4 pm: BARBARIAN FESTIVAL held this year at Treadway Park, 3 blocks west of REH House

10 am – 3 pm: Cross Plains Public Library open

10:30 am PANEL: REH at the Gates of Academia

Noon to 4 pm: Pavilion available for REH items Swap Meet

Noon: The Robert E. Howard Foundation Legacy Circle Members Luncheon.

Lunch & Festival Activities at your leisure during the day

2:00 pm PANEL: To Be Announced

3:30 pm PANEL:What’s Up with REH? at the Pavilion

5 pm: Sunset BBQ at the Caddo Peak Ranch


PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to pre-register to partake of the weekend’s festivities. All are welcome to attend, visit the House and enjoy all of the activities free of charge. Project Pride likes to pre-register folks primarily to get a head count of how many will be attending the Banquet on Friday night. All the panels, tours, Swap Meet, Pavilion activities etc. are presented at no cost. Your registration fee covers coffee & donuts Friday morning, lunch at the Pavilion Friday noon, the Friday Banquet and the Saturday BBQ.

The cost for pre-registration this year is still only $15 per person. Please send your name(s) & address with a check or money order or  register via PayPal:

Project Pride
Attn: REH Days 2011 Pre-registration
PO Box 534
Cross Plains, TX 76443

Please pre-register before June 1, 2012.



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Happy Birthday, Two-Gun Bob Howard

Posted by indy on 21st January 2012

Ok, so I’m jumping the gun by a day – January 22nd is the anniversary of the 106th birthday of Robert E. Howard!

This way, you can blaze your pistolas and brandish those Bowies all night long in celebration of the reason why you’re looking at this website (among other things)! Make sure you raise the libation of your choice in Ol’ Two-Gun’s general direction and honor his memory and legacy by reading some of his words. Prose or poetry will suffice. Satisfaction will ensue on both accounts!

Raise your glass to Robert E. Howard, King of the Adventure Writers! Happy birthday, Bob!

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