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Conan the Barbarian 3D: The Aftermath

The battlefield stretched silent, crimson pools among the still sprawling figures seeming to reflect the lurid red-streamered sunset sky. Furtive figures slunk from the tall grass; birds of prey dropped down on mangled heaps with a rustle of dusky wings. Like harbingers of Fate a wavering line of herons flapped slowly away toward the reed-grown […]

Whither Goest, Cimmerian?

Quite a furor going on over at regarding the new Conan movie. Someone unveiled the “casting call”, and Deuce the Wise put together a plot line based on who those designated characters are, and what the hell are they doing in any movie with “Conan” in the title. Right on, Sword-Brother, but aside from […]

The de Camp Controversy: Part 12

The late 1970s found L. Sprague de Camp in a favorable position.  Taking an aggressive stand with the formation of Conan Properties, Inc., he was able to throttle the infant pure Howard Conan book series from Berkley in its cradle and figuratively castrate rival editor/pasticheur, Karl Edward Wagner. The road was clear to inflict more […]

Conan the Clueless

I had asked former member of REHupa, Richard Toogood, to provide me with some information on L. Sprague de Camp’s Conan and the Spider God. He did one better, he wrote this essay on the novel and risked his health and mental sanity rereading the novel I may add. Or A Cimmerian Idiot in the […]

The de Camp Controversy: Part 10

A couple days ago, I chronicled the shorter Carter & de Camp Congor stories that were in the first batch of Lancer paperbacks. L. Sprague de Camp couldn’t create a novel out of “The Drums of Tombalku” but he was able to use converted Thongor adventures for his purposes. Conan of the Isles (1968) was first […]