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The de Camp Controversy: Part 14

L. Sprague de Camp’s career included almost as much non-fiction as fiction. If he was weak on writing sword and sorcery fiction including Conan, he made up for in commentary on Robert E. Howard and fantasy fiction in general. He was an enthusiastic contributor to George Schithers’ Amra (Vol II) over the lifetime of the […]

The de Camp Controversy: Part 13

A reader picking up a copy of the Lancer or Ace edition of the paperback, Conan might have noticed L. Sprague de Camp’s description ofÂheroic fantasy: “William Morris pioneered the heroic fantasy in Great Britain in the 1880s. In the early years of this century, Lord Dunsany and Eric R. Eddison developed the genre further. […]

The de Camp Controversy: Part 12

The late 1970s found L. Sprague de Camp in a favorable position.  Taking an aggressive stand with the formation of Conan Properties, Inc., he was able to throttle the infant pure Howard Conan book series from Berkley in its cradle and figuratively castrate rival editor/pasticheur, Karl Edward Wagner. The road was clear to inflict more […]

The de Camp Controversy: Part 11

L. Sprague de Camp’s star fell during the middle 1970s with the bankruptcy of Lancer Books. A Robert E. Howard revival took place at this time largely engineered by Glenn Lord’s ceaseless work. There was an explosion of small press magazines that were Howard oriented, small press book publications by Fax and Donald Grant, and mass market […]

Hester Howard

Don’t stop here. Get yourself over to The Cimmerian Blog right this instant and read Leo Grin’s superb essay, “In Defense of Hester Jane Ervin Howard.” Then you can come on back over here and check out my few paltry comments. No, really, I mean it. Go over there and read that first. Right now. […]

Conan the Clueless

I had asked former member of REHupa, Richard Toogood, to provide me with some information on L. Sprague de Camp’s Conan and the Spider God. He did one better, he wrote this essay on the novel and risked his health and mental sanity rereading the novel I may add. Or A Cimmerian Idiot in the […]

The de Camp Controversy: Part 10

A couple days ago, I chronicled the shorter Carter & de Camp Congor stories that were in the first batch of Lancer paperbacks. L. Sprague de Camp couldn’t create a novel out of “The Drums of Tombalku” but he was able to use converted Thongor adventures for his purposes. Conan of the Isles (1968) was first […]

Conan the Avenger

The first counterfeit Conan novel out in paperback wasn’t by Carter & de Camp but by Bjorn Nyberg & L. Sprague de Camp. The history of this novel went back a decade when Nyberg had written a Conan novel. L. Sprague de Camp edited it including correcting any English errors. Nyberg was a Swede and […]

The de Camp Controversy: Part 9

L. Sprague de Camp got his cowriter in the form of Lin Carter to create new stories of Conan for the Lancer paperback series. Lin Carter had already been involved in making stories out of fragments for King Kull in 1967 and creating “The Hand of Nergal” out of an untitled Howard fragment. The first […]

The de Camp Controversy: Part 8

While the deal with Lancer Books was in limbo due to litigation with Martin Greenberg of Gnome Press, L. Sprague de Camp’s attorney advised he write new Conan stories in order to make a better claim to the series. There was a problem– de Camp had failed to resurrect sword and sorcery fiction in the […]