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Robert E. Howard Days 2013 Schedule

For those of you clamoring for information (I can hear you clamoring out there!), here’s a summary look at what we have scheduled for Howard Days this year. The basic theme of Howard Days this year is REH in the Comics. We have at least three panels where the impact of REH in comic books […]

…and Another 2011 Anniversary!

Our pal Terry Allen over at the The Robert E. Howard Comics Group Facebook page reminds us of yet another anniversary in 2011: the 40th Year since Marvel Comics first published Conan the Barbarian. Whenever I’ve gathered with a bunch of Howard friends, I always pose the question: What was your first exposure to Robert […]

A Double Shot of Dark Agnes

Howard’s epic swordswoman will finally be getting her due after a 25 year absence from bookstores with the January 25, 2011 publication of Del Rey’s Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures. The book is edited by Rusty Burke, with an introduction by acclaimed historical author Scott Oden. Award-winning artist John Watkiss provides the lavish illustrations. […]

One Hundred Two-Gun Bobs

A milestone in support of the Legacy of Robert E. Howard happened recently within the pages of Dark Horse Comics’ Conan the Cimmerian title. Issue #9 marks the one hundredth appearance of  the fantastic comic strip THE ADVENTURES OF TWO-GUN BOB by Jim & Ruth Keegan. In all of Dark Horse’s Robert E. Howard inspired […]

A 2008 Robert E. Howard Recap

I’m going to continue to stick to my guns here regarding the 21st Century as being the very best time ever to be a fan of Robert E. Howard. The soon-to-be-done year of 2008 was yet another productive one in furthering the Legacy of REH. Here’s a bit of an opinionated re-hash of how the year […]

New Prez a Conan Fan!

We are alerted by Paul McNamee, over on the REH Forum, to an article in the Telegraph, “Barack Obama: The 50 facts you might not know,” in which it is reported that the newly elected President “collects Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics”!  Will the mighty Cimmerian find a place in the White House library?

Pigeons from – Oh Hell!

OK, I’ve been going around and around tonight with Joe Lansdale. He’s really pissed at me, and with me being “The Friendly REHupan”, I can’t really put up with myself being mean or having someone think I am, so I’ve spent the last hour doing some damage control with personal e-mails with him. I hope […]

Pigeons from – What the Hell?! Part 3

Ouch. Got a personal e-mail from Joe Lansdale his own self, and he thinks I’ve gone over into personal insult with my comments about Dark Horse’s PIGEONS FROM HELL adaptation, which Joe Lansdale wrote. (See below). Well, I don’t believe that I did insult him personally, and we could go ’round and ’round about that […]

Pigeons from — What the Hell?! Part 2

Well, it’s not gonna get any better, this abomination of a comic book re-telling of a Robert E. Howard story. Uh, sorry, did I say “re-telling”? I meant to say re-tarding. Props to Brian Leno for keeping us up to date with a short review of the third installment of Dark Horse’s PIGEONS FROM HELL […]

Pigeons from — What the Hell?!!

Let me start out by saying I would have bought these comics anyway, because they each contain another entry in Jim and Ruth Keegan’s magnificent The Adventures of Two-Gun Bob. That being said, Dan Rosenfelt of Paradox Entertainment showed up at Howard Days in Cross Plains with a box full of the Dark Horse Comics’ […]