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Strap Buckner: Breckinridge Elkins Prototype?

In my recent Two-Gun Raconteur article on rough-and-tumble fighting I mentioned that one of the figures from Western folklore that might have been a model for Breckinridge Elkins was the Texas pioneer Strap Buckner (Shanks 51). As Buckner is not as well known today as other folk heroes like Paul Bunyon, John Henry, or Pecos […]

The Boom of 2009

By the hoary beard of Crom, it continues to be a great time to be a fan (and collector) of Robert E. Howard! With REH Days staring us in the kisser, there has been a deluge of recent REH publishing and good stuff, the likes of which continually perpetuates the ongoing interest in Robert E. […]

REH and HPL – The Letters

Hot off the e-mail presses comes this announcement: In a very welcome turn of events, Hippocampus Press will publish the correspondence of famed weird fictioneers H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard. Both sides of the correspondence will be presented, allowing readers to follow the intense and often heady exchange of ideas between these two […]

A Compact German Machine Gun

Those of you smart enough to buy The Last of the Trunk should find something for everyone. I was blown away with the story given the title “The Man Who Went Back.” They say great minds think alike. John Pendragon is a Howard hero that unfortunately never got his full due. “Raised in an Anglo-Saxon […]

A Master of the Pen

My sister threw down the book she was reading. To be exact, she threw it at me. “Foolishness!” said she. “Fairy tales! Hand me that copy of Michael Arlen.” I did so mechanically, glancing at the volume which had incurred her youthful displeasure. The story was “The Shining Pyramid” by Arthur Machen. “My dear girl,” […]