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Howard Days Banner

Many thanks to Jeff Shanks for this outstanding banner artwork for Howard Days!

Mark Schultz is Howard Days Guest of Honor

The Robert E. Howard Foundation is pleased to announce that artist Mark Schultz will be the Guest of Honor at Robert E. Howard Days, June 12-13, 2015. Sponsored by the REH Foundation, REHupa and Project Pride and held annually at the REH Museum in Cross Plains, Texas, Howard Days is a two-day celebration of the […]

Robert E. Howard Days 2015

ROBERT E. HOWARD DAYS 2015 – Here Before You Know It! The annual Robert E. Howard Days celebration will take place at the REH Museum in Cross Plains, Texas, on June 12th & 13th, 2015. Sponsored by Project Pride of Cross Plains, REHupa and the Robert E. Howard Foundation, the two-day event promises once again […]

Howard Days was Howard-tastic!

  Robert E. Howard Days 2014 was so great I barely know where to begin in telling you about it! As I’ve finally recovered from two days driving home and another of unpacking loot, let’s give it a try. More than one post will be needed, especially going through hundreds of photos! Both Friday and Saturday […]

Howard Days Checklist!

  We’re saddling up and getting the wagons ready for the trek to Cross Plains, so here’s a checklist for us to go over once we get to Howard Days. Everything on here is easy enough to do…well, with the exception of that last one.Hope y’all have safe travels! We might be off the grid […]

REH Days Overview Part 8 – The Pavilion

  In 1994 a small tornado hit the town of Cross Plains. Because of the damage it caused to the roof of the Howard House, Howard Days was cancelled for that year. The storm also destroyed the Butler house located next door to the Howard place and because of that, Project Pride wisely decided to […]

A Full Moon and Porch Light Poetry

    On June 13th, the first day of REH Days, Mother Nature has seen fit to grace us with a full moon. Now, if we follow along that this is FRIDAY the 13th, the moon is FULL and that Bob Howard wrote for a magazine with WEIRD  in its title – well, this may be an evening of cosmic […]

REH Days Overview Part 7 – Saturday Afternoon & Evening

  Only one week to go until Howard Days! Here’s a look at the Saturday afternoon & evening activities in some detail. Like we were saying, you’ll be on your own for lunch on Saturday. With the great restaurants in Cross Plains and the Barbarian Festival serving up some good ol’ Fair Grub, you won’t […]

REH Days Overview Part 6 – Saturday Morning

  Saturday June 14th at Howard Days is a time for more of the same goodness that happens on Friday, without the Postal Cancellation and Bus Tour. But there IS a big banquet at day’s end. The Howard House is open from 9 to 4 and the Pavilion is available for the Swap Meet as well as the “relaxing place”. The tables […]

REH Days Overview Part 5 – Friday Afternoon & Evening

The Howard Days festivities continue Friday afternoon & evening. Of the ongoing events: the Museum stays open until 4 with the Swap Meet outside, the Postal Cancellation is available until 4 as well and the Library will stay open until 5. 1:30 – Panel: Guest of Honor Patrice Louinet. Come sit in as Rusty Burke does an interview style panel with Patrice. They’ll […]