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REH Word of the Week: rack

noun 1. a cause of anguish or pain; acute suffering [origin: ca. 14th century; Middle English, probably from Middle Dutch rec framework; akin to Old English reccan to stretch, Greek oregein] HOWARD’S USAGE: From the scarlet shadows they come to me, Shades of the dust-dead past, Like drifting fogs of the restless sea From the […]

REH Word of the Week: wraith

noun 1. an insubstantial form or semblance; a barely visible gaseous or vaporous column [origin: unknown; first known usage 1514] HOWARD’S USAGE: Far in the gloomy Northland, Where the roaring north wind blows, Driving the dim, pale fog wraiths Over the drifting snows, When the sleet drives fast and furious, And the winter north wind […]

REH Word of the Week: eyes-of-red-ice

noun 1. “Mice with eyes of red ice” (see poem below) are albinos. The redness is due to the lack of the natural dark pigments of the iris. Instead what is seen is the color from their blood vessels. Referred to as tapetum lucidum, it is a reflecting structure that contains crystals. It is especially […]

Call for Papers for 2013 PCA/ACA Conference Pulp Studies Area

Call for Proposals CALL FOR PROPOSALS Pulp Studies Area Popular Culture/American Culture Association National Conference Washington, DC March 27-30 2013 Pulp magazines were a series of mostly English-language, predominantly American, magazines printed on rough pulp paper. They were often illustrated with highly stylized, full-page cover art and numerous line art illustrations of the fictional content. […]

REH Word of the Week: sine

  noun 1. None of the standard dictionary definitions relating to trigonometry were applicable. The best definition comes from Howard Scholar Jeff Shanks:  The Latin “sine” (pronounced SEE-nay) or “without” was the first thing that came to mind. That would be “without” as in “lacking,” not “without” as in “outside” so it doesn’t really make […]

RIP Glenn Lord

November 17, 1931 – December 31, 2011      

Conan the Barbarian 3D: The Aftermath

The battlefield stretched silent, crimson pools among the still sprawling figures seeming to reflect the lurid red-streamered sunset sky. Furtive figures slunk from the tall grass; birds of prey dropped down on mangled heaps with a rustle of dusky wings. Like harbingers of Fate a wavering line of herons flapped slowly away toward the reed-grown […]

REH Word of the Week: ambergris

              noun 1. a waxy substance consisting mainly of cholesterol secreted by the intestinal tract of the sperm whale and often found floating in the sea; used in the manufacture of perfumes [origin: Middle English, from Old French ambre gris, “gray amber”] HOWARD’S USAGE: “Lady, hell!” bleated Harrigan. “Do […]

Hail, Klarkash-ton!

Over at Two-Gun Raconteur, Brian Leno reminds us that today is the fiftieth anniversary of the passing of Clark Ashton Smith, and he has a brief but informative interview with Donald Sidney-Fryer. Meanwhile, on the REHupa email list, Dennis McHaney has been giving us some grief about how moribund our blog has been lately, so […]

Machine Gun Saturday

I haven’t posted a machine gun pulp cover in a while so here you go. From Adventure in the middle 1930s period.